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  1. Yo WEZ it's Gene, i uploaded a bunch of newburgh graff pics an im gonna send it to your myspace, ttyl
  2. work on the letters cause anybody see that on a wall its sure to get ragged but otha than that its ight
  3. Yeah and make sure you go over the gang tags too that gets you alot of FAME around your town an tell every 1 that you did that and then tell us how it went ok.
  4. I found out where his home but not an exact location he lives some where in Bernardsville NJ, it would problably be one of the biggest homes most likely and his headqauters is 40 w. 23rd st NY,NY 10010 ecko headqauters :haha:
  5. get an air brush, and with an air brush you can make money like,doing peoples shoes and tee shirts...prismas you cant,only good for sketch books,and some good co. are badger,iwata.but your gonna end up gettin cheap one first,cause your parents arent gonna buy you a 300 dollar brush unless you used em before
  6. first off, learn to spell.and no one is going to tell where there chill spots are, and write your paper on something else.
  7. heard about this on the radio, didnt actually think it was true
  8. i believe claw is a guy too cause he's married to miss 17
  9. Johnny deuce aka Relz, a 15 year old painter from downtown bronx,shot in a drive by shooting on sept. 3 2005 born on may 6 1990.he painted a full production on a ny subway while it was movin,line c. and many bombs around ny. IAC-IAK misses you and all the others that knew him. "paint the trainz" Ques 718 REST IN PEACE RELZ,YOULL ALWAYS BE THERE
  10. the transit plans are approved and construction begins january of 2007 leading north to nyc right through newburgh
  11. im done w/ this beef!this is immature
  12. oh...i dont write graffkid15..i write deem one of kings destroy cru and the only reason i thought you wrote nerve is because the were a couple of kids here before who wrote there screen names
  13. haha this is been fun an the only reason i know i have a good dick is cause your mama said so,but hey i dont know.but i sure do wish i was graffkid14 still thats when i learned to paint,but CANT wait to be graffkid16 i can drive down there and take that battleship right through your town that will be fun. p.s. i maybe fat but your ugly...and i can lose weight!
  14. man it looks all you ever do is sit on computer and mess w/ other people it's problably because you maybe a little hater who's problably never seen a spray can in his life except when he went to walmart to try to buy paint but his momma said NO!and buy the way thats not your piece thats in ny and you live in massachussets. p.s. tell your mom she left her bra at my house over weekend,she had to come to ny for a good dick.
  15. that lady maybe 25 but she sure dont look like it R.I.P. TO MY 16 YEAR OLD COUSIN WHO WAS KILLED IN THAT SC DUMP TRUCK CRASH she shouldnt have been driving like that anywayz bitch
  16. or what about deoderant?what brand was it where the chick on the commercial was running from a heat seeking monster than stops and strips her clothes off and the monster couldnt find her because she used the deoderant to cool her off
  17. thats not me i fixed the link. that right there i thought was nerve's
  18. now thats over w/ im gonna piece over your only piece faggot!
  19. HERE YOU GO,MAKE ALL YOU WHINERS STOP CRYING.... DEEM ONE KD CREW http://www.sixcentz.com/photopages/deem.htm im beein serious about it how about now?
  20. yeah alright,im not gonna be a asshole about it and ill just forget about,and you all dont gotta believe me about paintin w/ cope,but the only reason i got no flix....i anit got damn camera,still tryin to get one. and yeaaaah baby it's all good now and think that anti-diss shit ya got problably can be buffed?
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