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the HATERS thread.

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this threads open to hate on..soooo, HATE on!


so,first of all,i hate krylons newest line of paints that make me think twice about the sun yellow,


i hate,using a pocket full of ny thins to do a piece,

cause im out of G-mans an im not getting a shipment in any time soon

cause i hate ordering off line.


speakin of,

i hate tools of the trade.for robbin me of 30.00$

5yrs back you bankrupt chumps,i hope that 90.00$

got you to your new job for the week..


i hate,non smokin bike cops,

undi's,cabs,an anyone representing any state that ends in Pd's


i hate blue,green,purple and or violet, marker tags

i hate what happened when i tried mixing etch into a silver marker


i hate broken seals

i hate high water pressure hoses

i hate toys with the exception of my birthday,christmas

and any involving lesbian sexuality


i hate the thought that 1$ can get you an aluminum fill that last about 2 years,

i hate cats that flick ugly hollow throws,of "known"writers an post it on 12oz

i hate side busting head cause my spots dry

i hate when streaks are horribly placed in the middle of panels

an your expected to respect it

but if i do go over it its not cause i hate you,its cause i hate avoiding #'s

an information so i dont need another obstacle to avoid an make my piece looked even more stamped,


i hate knowing where a certain someones whole car spot is,but not painting it out of respect

i hate having respect

i hate haters that will hate on me for opening a thread about hating

an say"i hate kids that that opens threads about hating", just as much as i hate the kid that's was gonna quote "i hate kids that that opens threads about hating"

just to get that lol,


i hate brain cells,i love aerosol,i like to wear my mask but for some reason i forget it


i hate my letter scheme

i hate most german letters,with there girly pinks an purple an light blues an light greens

but i dont hate on german writers cuase they get down to fuckin businesses.


i hate montana, belton, an any other unrackable can

i hate racking since the age of 17

i hate on any cat from my home town that isnt down with"?"

an last but not least i hate every day,an love eeeverrryyy second of it..

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I hate on KAWS for charging so much for his schwag,


Fuck Bathing Ape


Fuck the new KAWS bendy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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