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hey there is probably a thread like this, i saw one about office depot sticker paper, but that was it, i searched even though im not very good, so if there is one let me know, but firstoff this is about generating stickers that wont bleed on the street



so pretty much im asking how you people make your stickers last, what sticker paper you use, what kind is the best, what should you look for in the sticker paper..

where the best local place (office depot, walmart, ect....) is the best place to pick up a good kind that can hold ink and never let it go..



how do you make your ink really permanent, how do you make it last, i know sharpies with the wrong sticker = a bleeding leaking mess.... so what kind of marker do you use, i know lazer printer works, but what is the best permeanent way to use your ink, or what is the best marker, thin tipped, or thick..



do you laminate your stickers? if so what is the best way to do it, and how, is there a little kit with a small machine you can buy at a local craft store, actually i know there is a few, i worked at a craft store and we had a few, i never stole one though, just becuase .........well i dont know... but i have seen lamination done by regular scotch tape (doesnt last) to packing tape, and even sheet protectors.... post your way of protecting your creative stickers...



Any tips you have to share, either you cut your stickers after you put them up, or where you post your stickers, what they will stick to, wheat paste, rolling, big stickers, printing stickers, printers, inks, making your own, buying your own or places you can trade.....



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i know this thread is most likely going to be closed in a while but i happen to be a fiend for stickers so im going to reply..


first of all why would u ever pay for a stciker wen you can get it from the post office for free? you know those little priority mail stickers you see everywhere? yeah well go to your local post office and take all of them. if there are none in the little slot, ask the person sitting behind the shipping desk. they'll most likely have them. if they ask why you want so much tell them that you are a major eBay head and you ship alot..okay on to the fading part. first, go to office max or some place that has those industrial sharpies or chisel tip black permanent markers and buy or rack some. then go to your local dollar store or any place that carries cheap paint and buy or rack some clear finish. then tag up the stcikers, lay them out on your back porch and spray the clear coat on them. a thin layer will do. let them dry so that when you put a stack in your pocket they dont stick together. go and have fun.


the stickers last a while, depending on how the weather is. in florida its like beeming sun or pouring rain so stcikers get tore up easy. okay im done rambling. peace

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