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  1. Well err yeah ill post in here although it feels weird. but anyway I need help on throw ups. Ive never really been a lover of them but im kinda liking them now. Ive seen a fair about of them but nothing that really stands out... I only want to do two letters because it wuld be long doin all 4.. anyway anyone got anywhere good to look for inspiration dont be going on reh reh your just going to bite.. nar i just wanna broaden by knowledge of them.... The first few letters of the alphabet as well.. incase some of you duno what they are ;) A,B,C,D,E would be wicked. peacee
  2. Im up for making some of that 'invisible ink' Make one of you budding scientists can tell me what it is that would oxidise and burn like that.
  3. I think i can actually make that stuff it should be really easy to.. Ima give it ago.
  4. In English The Copperfield under the ink. Which has it looks here so inconspicuous powerfully in itself. With fill your magic wand clearly like water and with markers completely invisibly. Then, after approximately 10-20 hours, bad things show up under effect of the sun black brownishly. While meal ate it already strongly into the underground and is not any longer easily abzubekommen - also not of your styluses - thus fits on with to fill, from it sees that to things not!
  5. Hmm thats a really god question. the nibs are mad of nylon. So if you visited a hardware store and found the right material it could probably be done. Not sure where you would find it though.
  6. thats like £70 worth of caps :o
  7. Im from the UK, can I buy potassium permanganate from the chemist? If so what do I want it for lol
  9. Whats your opinions on Garvey ink... If its worth it ill buy some.
  10. Is that the container it comes in... And whats the deal with this candy ink ive heard it fades quickly doesnt stain that hard but smells nice?
  11. Yeah so am i but I think I can get it... Also recipes for poor people :p Garvey Acetone/ nail vanish remover DOT3 Sound good? Also Candy Ink? What isit, isit just ink that smells nice? Rainbow Ink? I see a pic on here its like multicolour ink looks well nice how would you make it?
  12. Im new to inks so i will ask here. Grog Corio Garvey Nero Which one should I get?
  13. Does anyone know the difference between methrlayted sprits and Mineral sprit.... As i have no clue
  14. LOL - I see..Paints tight in the uk you no.
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