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I just assumed it was the high altitude here in Denver, but I wasn't terribly happy with the new MTN Hardcore 2. The paint itself was fine, aside from some weird show-thru bubbling when I tried to tighten up some lines, but I've had the same problem with MTN 94. Annoying, but nothing as bad as Chinese paint bleedthru. The problem I had was that I could not get a sharp line until the can was about 3/4 empty. NY Fat sprayed like a dusty blob. Astro fat = dusty blob. Universal cap = dusty blob. It's like no matter what you use, it sprays like a stock tip until the pressure is seriously reduced. I really like MTN paint, but this fussy valve is being marketed to us like old timey snake oil. It's supposed to be all purpose, but really serves no purpose. The old Hardcore valve sprayed wide, but at least it was predictable and clean. It looked fantastic with a NY Fat, which is more than I can say for the new valve.

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wish they would bring them out in Aust.

love the idea of just doing a big chisel tip tag and outlining a piece.


Walid you're the expert on the export /repco paint side of things have you come across any that is really high pressure?


I got a bunch of those ultrawide nozzles but they just make a mess using exports.. need to find higher pressure so more paint escapes the nozzle




You wanna get a handful of the ghetto blaster caps. super fat chisel tip spray pattern.

male cap so no good on export/dulux but killer on an Ironlak/Reload and other female cans

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The fact that they don't have any colors with really unstable pigments helps, I'm sure.


The valve is the same as Ironlak. The paint seems similar in terms of drying time. I can wipe it away with acetone effortlessly, just like Ironlak. I have to guess that it's Ironlak in a throwback can. If that's what you like, then you'll be happy.

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How much do rustoleum 2x cans sell for in the states?


$10.95 au ($9.97)


are they worth buying since they are same price as Montana black?


Rustoleum or Painters Touch 2X?

please post photo of can

plain old Rustoleum is the best quality paint available in my opinion. I would encourage you to try some.

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I personally have a love/hate relationship with Rusto products. The paint is really top quality. I've seen freights of mine several years down the road that look surprisingly good for the beating they took traveling around the country. However, Rusto cannot seem to get an easy valve system to work with. It's moot at this point, but the old valve had a crippling stutter step whenever you'd start a line. It was fine for fills and tightening up corners, but not ideal for outlining in my eyes. In the cold it got so bad that the paintflow was kinda like watching a video that was constantly buffering.


The other major concern with Rusto is the drying time. It waits for no one. I live in the high desert, and its still tacky after a couple hours. During humid east coast freight nights, you could fill in three cars at a time, come back to the first for outline, and it was barely dry enough to hold an outline without sagging and crying everywhere. Painters Touch dries and behaves more like spray paint we're all familiar with, but Rusto Stops Rust is unstoppably durable. If you want to kill that cutty spot to be enjoyed by kids that haven't been born yet, Rusto is your paint. Rustoleum is one of the few products that is truly built to last. When I had more time on my hands, I would save empty Belton cans and refill them with Rusto Gloss Black for outlining. Best paint + best valve made for a perfect, enjoyable outlines.


I still enjoy filling with Rusto. It's terrific quality paint at a good price. What I do with the male vale is pop on a huge fatcap and fill with my first can until I have about 20% left, then save that for clean-ups. The pressure is a bit lower, and I can turn the can sideways and blow out as much propellant as I want until I get a smooth, buttery line.


It's not my ideal, but the Rusto male valve isn't all that bad. Unfortunately I moved to high elevation just as I was starting to get into it, and everything sprays at double pressure up here in Denver. When I was living at sea level, I was having a blast drilling out NY Fats and doing before-work Painters Touch simples everywhere. The problem is the small slit in the stem of the cap does nothing to regulate the pressure, and there is no such thing at a soft hand with this valve coupled with an adapter. You're working at full blast all the time. I tried balling up some tiny newspaper shreds and jamming up the flow a bit, but it didn't help much. Realistically no one but me gives a shit about fuzziness, so I doubt 90% of you would even notice. Overall it's an improvement on the old valve, just not particularly comfortable with an adapter. Again, the paint is top notch. If only they would get off their high horse and embrace the artists market. Scratch that. I don't need another $7 USD paint that I can never afford. Then again I can always count on Rusto to perform, so I'd rather blow money on that than some fucked up $4 chinese paint that quits on me whenever it wants, or never works in the first place.


I find is insane that I went to Home Depot the other day and bought some Rusto Stops Rust for cheaper than Painters Touch. I remember buying Painters Touch for well under $3 when the price or Rusto has remained consistently just under $4 for my whole graffiti career.

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It's a matter of convenience. Stops Rust has always had a stodgy, limited color range (for example, Rusto Sand has been on the roster since the 70's.) Painters Touch and American Accent brands were initially their answer to the casual consumer looking for a quick fix for their ugly filing cabinet. Nobody would rather wait three hours for Rusto get tacky to the touch when they can handle and reassemble a project they painted with any other brand in the same amount of time. It doesn't surprise me that people are willing to pay a bit more for the color range and convenience of Painters Touch. Rusto Stops Rust is designed for the professional. I admire that they stuck with what made them famous, but people are accustomed to a cheap, disposable world now.


I'm actually surprised that they introduced AA and PT back in the mid to late 90's, and it took them this long to figure out that people care less about having the best paint on the market than to finish a project in one day. I use Rusto for freights and long term walls, because I want to give my legacy the best possible chance, but if I'm painting some stupid everyday nonsense, I'd rather have the paint dry as soon as possible and get on with it.

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thanks for all the feedback on them. these are the colours at my local store.


still got to check the valve scenario.



2x Gloss White

2x Gloss Black

2x Flat Black

2x White Prime

2x Satin Canyon Black

2x Flat White

2x Satin Expresso

2x Satin Blossom White

2x Flat Grey Primer

2x Satin Heirloom White

2x Gloss Kona Brown

2x Gloss Sun Yellow

2x Gloss Seaside

2x Gloss Colonial Red

2x Aluminium

2x Satin Lagoon

2x Satin Nutmeg

2x Gloss Real Orange

2x Satin Granite

2x Gloss Berry Pink

2x Satin Dark Walnut

2x Satin Ivory Silk

2x Gloss Marigold

2x Gloss Meadow Green

2x Gloss Almond

2x Gloss Grape

2x Gloss Candy Pink

2x Gloss Apple Red

2x Gloss Deep Blue

2x Gloss Key Lime

2x Gloss Navy Blue

2x Gloss Dark Grey


those are the colours at my local bunning the range might vary from store to store. sadly their stupid fucking site doesn't have pictures of the can

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