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Isight appreci-love-- get on the band wagon people.

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I just was convinced by two freinds to get thsi

thing, which is fresh. However i now need to

start telling other folks about it so more of us have it. The AIM kind sucked when it was new

casue one user a useful chat does not make.


Video confrence. NO long distance charges, plus

you can see the persons facial expressions. Very

cool. It can be annoying too but you can always

face the cam away from you.

You pc people may be ahead of the game, i dont know what how similar hardware you have for this. I will say the Isight Gives pretty good head (shots, that is nice resolution)




Hey, heavy what the hell are you on about?






The eyes and ears of iChat AV

Introducing a revolutionary new way to say hello.

iSight delivers picture perfect video, crystal clear

audio and an innovative design that makes video

conferencing over the Internet as natural as

face-to-face conversation. Families can stay in

touch from thousands of miles away. Students

can hang out and talk with their friends like they

were in the same room. And business travelers

can tuck their kids in to bed from the other side

of the world. It's the next best thing to being




iSight System Requirements:

  • • Macintosh computer with a 600MHz or faster PowerPC G3 or any PowerPC G4 or G5 processor

  • • iChat AV software (free time-limited public
    beta available via Internet download. See
www.apple.com/ichat for more information)

  • • Mac OS X v10.2.5 or later

  • • Broadband Internet connection (128Kbps
    or faster transfer speeds)


the catch is this:

1. you must either buy Ichat 29.95 (bullshit if you ask me)

2. You have purchased or aquired Panther (the latest version of the MAC OS)


Cool nerd like things you can do:


  • •With an airport station and wireless laptop you
    can take fools on a virtual tour of your crib or
    where ever you are.


  • •you can show people what your working on NOW. and disscuss it NOW.

  • •You can show of your battle scars from last
    nights mission (what ever that happens to be)
    I.e. "see
    the paper cuts i sustained while reaserching shit
    at the library.





oh and who ever it was theat put me onto need Unique acctivation codes for each cable modem. I appreciate that bit of advise. THANKS, big your self!

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when this first came out, raven was all over it....kept trying to convince us to get it. shit always seemed creepy to me.

then one day i was in the mac store with hesh and queen, and we're all spread out around the store on the things, and it was totally confirmed. shit is way too fucking creepy to me.

i dont want people to be able to see me. thats why i spend all day on the internet in the first place. if i wanted prying eyes, i'd have real life friends.


i'd take one if someone wanted to send it my way, but im not gonna cough up 130 bucks for one, just so i can be all uncomfortable.

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