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what do you call midgets...personally i enjoy the term goblin..."that ass goblin" forgot to put mayo on my burger...instead he put his special sauce

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from an artical on erowid:



Since approzimately the fall of 1965 the incidence of adverse LSD reactions throughout the country has mushroomed. At the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute prior to September 1965 one problem case associated with LSD ingestion was seen approximately every two months. Beginning at that time the incidence increased gradually from five to 20 cases a month, with three to five telephone calls being received, for every person seen, from other persons in trouble from LSD who were not subsequently seen. Other hospitals throughout the country have reported a similar increase. The demographic characteristics of the first 70 such patients seen at UCLA have previously been reported(9). These patients came most often with hallucinations, followed by anxiety to the point of panic, by depression, often with suicidal thoughts or attempts, and by confusion.

The question has thus been raised why these persons should have experienced difficulty from LSD when others claim to take the drug regularly and apparently have no adverse effects. A number of pertinent additional questions are then raised. First of all, how do we know the persons who get in trouble from alleged use of LSD are really taking LSD? Since Sandoz Pharmaceuticals, the one legitimate manufacturer, discontinued production, all LSD that is available is black market, with all the impurities and dosage confusion that is attendant upon such illegal supply. Secondly, how do we know that those persons who have difficulty from LSD were not already emotionally disturbed? (In our original study 37 percent had had psychiatric care previously and 33 percent were unemployed, which were per- haps gross indices of mental illness.)


There is no applicable chemical test for LSD once it is inside the body and no pathognomonic signs or symptoms on which to make the diagnosis. Although most typically passive, the LSD user may present with almost any kind of behavior. However, beyond the history of LSD ingestion, there are no unique features although dilated pupils along with the peculiar "I feet sorry for you nonusers" smile are characteristic.


LSD users describe the perceptual changes following drug ingestion in intense and often characteristic ways. When one hears about visual and auditory "unfolding" of nature it is typical of LSD and other psychedelics alone. In addition, the most common side effects reported by these subjects were consistent with those described elsewhere following experimental administration of LSD(3, 4). We had several drug samples spot-checked for LSD content. Although the user always overestimated the amount of LSD in his samples all did contain LSD(8).


The entire issue of predictability for the adverse LSD reaction is unsettled. This is particularly cogent in view of the fact that some researchers have advocated the use of LSD not only experimentally but in clinics where "creative and normal" persons could receive the drug in order to create a psychedelic experience for them. This study is a preliminary attempt to try to assess some of the factors in the etiology of the "bad trip," the adverse LSD reaction.




Of the previous 70 patients reported upon, 25 were hospitalized and the rest were treated as outpatients. This group of 25 inpatients, hospitalized following adverse LSD reactions, are compared in this study with 25 other frequent LSD users who reported no difficulties from the drug. This latter comparison group claimed to have ingested the drug in doses of from 250 to 1200 m g. from once to three times a week for up to 18 months. It should be emphasized that these 25 subjects were part of an existing "religious" group who took their LSD together.


We initially made contact with this group when one of their members sought us out following a lecture which two of the authors (J.T.U. and D.D.F.) were giving on the LSD situation to a community service organization in a suburb of Los Angeles. The member had initially tried to read a statement advocating unlimited use of LSD during a question and answer session following the lecture. Afterwards, he approached us and insisted that there were many persons who were taking the drug without difficulty. They had formed a group, to be referred to as the "Disciples," which consisted of 100 regulars with as many as 500 members who met regularly and took LSD. This was before possession of LSD was made illegal in California. After we agreed to observe the group, we were "screened" by five members at the Los Angeles Airport. They were satisfied that we were not law enforcement officials and we were invited to observe some of their LSD "happenings."


Numerous subsequent visits were made to the headquarters of the "Disciples." This was located in a suburb of Los Angeles where about a dozen of the group were living in a large house on spacious grounds. They were literally tilling the soil and had decorated the house in psychedelic fashion. There were pictures of Buddha and Jesus on the walls. Every Wednesday night the group gathered to have a non-LSD religious experience consisting of prayer and meditation. The drug-taking sessions were scheduled for the weekends.


The group did not go along with "drop out" part of the "turn on, tune in and drop out" that Dr. Timothy Leary advocates. They claimed to be working, making money, and to have rehabilitated themselves. Most of the members of the group, said that they were "ex-criminals and drug addicts" who were now finding a new and useful life through LSD.


After we observed a number of their "love sessions" and all-day LSD experiences, the group agreed to psychiatric interviews, including mental status examinations and the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI). We examined the first 25 who were available on one weekend. We then compared these data to corresponding data from the 25 hospitalized patients.




Background. There were no significant differences in race, sex, or age between the two groups. Both groups had comparable amounts of early parental deprivation.(Separation from one or both parents for over six months before the age of 16(2)) Both groups resided predominantly in the Los Angeles area.


Martial status. There was a highly significant difference (p less than .001) in marital status between the two groups. No inpatients were married at the time of admission to the hospital (84 percent of the inpatients had never been married) versus 60 percent married (with 19 children) in the comparison group at the time they were examined (see table 1).


Table 1

Marital Status




Status Inpatients Comparison Subjects

Number Percent Number Percent

Single 21 84 10 40

Married 0 15 60

Divorced 2 8

Other (widow) 1 4

No data 1 4

Total 25 100 15 100

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jus me and you muthafucka jus me and you...i'll put trade marks around your fuckin eye

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at least this one is funny.

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i call them people. whoops guess im a fuckin dork geek nine fuck 2001. its not their fault. grow uppppppppppppp




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