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Thread of random crap

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Yeah, so I'm currently homeless, probably til the middle of this week, so I've been wandering around and sleeping in weird places. Last night it was the boiler room of my old apartment building on some couch cushions found in the dumpster. Endless fun that was, especially after drinking all night. The only good thing that came of staying up all night was that I found one of the random tables full of old computer equipment the University throws away from time to time and scored a 200mhz Powerbook in good working condition. Haven't had time to check the batteries yet, but it works when plugged in at least. There are a bunch of SPARCStations laying around too but I doubt I'll make it back with a vehicle before they're snatched up. Going to stay awake as long as I can and play some PristonTale, call some apartments up, and try to round up some money. I'm wishing I was in Florida right now so I could be a beach bum for awhile, but oh well.


Later tonight I'll call up one of my bi friends and her stripper girlfriend and see if I can arrange some freakiness.


This has been a pointless thread.


Thank you for tuning in.

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haha fuckin awesome. i almost killed my friend tonight, smashed my brothers car, had chunks of cocaine go flying all over the place in my car while under the influence and listening to 80s jams, went to a party where i ran into 2 ex's and alot of cute girls that will be future ex's , rolled during a hardcore show, pissed into a shower and then turned on the water and soaked myself, met a girl from myspace before realizing that she was from myspace... and am right now listening to grace gale about to drink a smoothie and take more morphine then shower watch a movie, passout and sleep till about 7pm and hope that tonight will be better. (you know... cause its sunday now)


fuck. and once again... over and out. (of it) livindigital <::>

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