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  1. LivinDigital

    I saw him

    hahaha that sucks for you man. doesnt that make you like a "dwarf" or an "elf", man? i saw that shit on maury povich where they had tall midgets talking about how they have to live in wierd little communes and they have demented faces and theyre scary and fuck... hahaha that sucks for you man. do you crawl on peoples shoulders to catch high up tags and use booster chairs to hit transit? man actually... maybe it'd be cool to be a midget. like, you could sneak around at night doing tags and people wouldnt notice you because you could just dip behind fire hydrants and mailboxes and shit. keep it tall in 04' midget ass bastard. you creep me out. PGW/MIDGET HATING/SMART FUCKER>>>Hates Dwarves and Elves too.
  2. tim burton shoots heroin and is addicted to all sorts of opaites. i saw him in lake tahoe during the summer and he was in solid black from head to toe. it was hot as fuck out too. talk about bohemian.
  3. LivinDigital

    I saw him

    you shoulda thrown the pizza at him. i fuckin hate midgets. especially that idiot weeman. fuckin midgets.
  4. haha fuckin awesome. i almost killed my friend tonight, smashed my brothers car, had chunks of cocaine go flying all over the place in my car while under the influence and listening to 80s jams, went to a party where i ran into 2 ex's and alot of cute girls that will be future ex's , rolled during a hardcore show, pissed into a shower and then turned on the water and soaked myself, met a girl from myspace before realizing that she was from myspace... and am right now listening to grace gale about to drink a smoothie and take more morphine then shower watch a movie, passout and sleep till about 7pm and hope that tonight will be better. (you know... cause its sunday now) fuck. and once again... over and out. (of it) livindigital <::>
  5. Favorite Movie of 2003: Lord Of The Rings III Favorite CD: OldMansChild In Defiance Of Existence Single of the Year: That I wish I was a Kennedy song. Favorite TV Show: SpongeBob Favorite Reality TV Show: Viva La Bam! Favorite News Program: The O'reilly Factor Favorite WebSite: www.thelocust.com Favorite Concert: The Faint. Favorite Music Artist: Interpol. Favorite DVD: Yeah Right (spike Jonze) Favorite Book: Painkiller Favorite Magazine: Scoot! Most Memerable Moment of 2003: There are too many to list. feel free to add addtional awards.................
  6. p.s. listen to www.gracegalerock.com tell me what you think. they fucked shit up tonight. it was fun times in the midst of shit times. ahhh the ultimate high and low i guess.
  7. Lastnight was fuckin awesome, peaking on a weeklong binge, hooking up with a hot ass 34yr old just to passout at 10am... and wake up.... today... overslept till 6pm... freaked out and grabbed cellphone and called local skateshop to be informed that i missed the deadline to email my design that was going to be printed for an artist series real skateboards deck. i missed the deadline by 1 hour. fuck. depressed all day... morphine and coke doesnt help. finally leave the house at 10:30 pm and go up to boulder... went to a chill bar called rhumba where i downed some more vicodins, some e, and 3 jack and cokes. (chainsmoking)... meet up with my younger brother and our good friend, dan... then met up with local cool guy, (on here he's known as buckethead) and his girlfriend... we go to house party that is fuckin insane. outta my head having fun listening to my friends band ( www.gracegalerock.com ) play really loud music, smiling and talking to hot indie rock girls...decide to leave the houseparty to run up to the store and grab a gatorade. on the way there... not paying attention rocking out to some 80s jams and counting out rocks of coke while i was driving... looked down then up in a split seccond and rear ended my brothers car HARD. coke goes flying all over, my brothers friend who is in my passenger seat slams into the windshield headfirst and my brother did the same in his car (slammed his head). jump out to realize i fucked up his car bad and the damage is going to cost about $3000.00 .... so we're outside and he's flipping out making a scene and my dumbass is trying to open the door but im too fucked up to do it, so he gets in the car and speeds off (tons of bystanders are watching this from the street) and i manage my way back into my car and chase after him. we finally meet up at 7-11, jump out and i try to calm him down by handing him $900.00 cash. he's still flipping out... ENTER: POLICE. 4 cop cars roll up to the 7-11 after a bystander called in a hit n run... so the cops are grilling us trying to find out what the fuck was going on. meanwhile we're all stressing because we had enough illegal shit and illicit drugs on us to put is in jail for fuckin years. finally the cops decide that dan was driving and it was an accident (we made up a quick lie because i was obviouslly intoxicated) so we lucked out... went back to the house party... tried to chill out by taking more drugs, and after hours of relaxing... finally headed home. now im sitting here thinking about how much this day fuckin sucked and NO amount of drugs in the world can cure it. it seems impossible to o.d. for me, and im just amazed that with the combo of chemicals in my body that im not dead. fuck. well... that was shitty... i wanna hear if you have any really shitty stories about your night tonight. fuck.
  8. Just curious what kinda bars do you go to. For example... I can picture Joker hanging out at a Martini or Wine bar with his wife, Iloveboxcars passed out piss drunk behind some punk dive bar and smart in a lumberjack shirt drinking pabst watching hockey with 40yr olds... me personally... fuckit i go to em all. But Im curious how you drink. Maybe youre like 15 and have your "bar" in your parents basement... but whatever and however you get drunk should be discussed here. Pictures are welcome too of like you and your frat boy buddies drinking heinekens and the kids like teaser in here sipping on a mikes weak lemonade at a get jiggy 50cent bar. Im curious.
  9. this sounds like the question a cop would ask to find out what "writers" are wearing and where we shop.
  10. you guys gotta watch the "what did he said" bideo. chingo bling! "got more wood in my regal than there was in home depot" "diamonds platinum how i shine chew don wanna see me pull out my nine...diamonds on my wrist thatll make you go blind"
  11. yo no joke... the book IS underway! and coming along pretty good... ive been pretty sidetracked lately with a skateboard deck being put out by REAL skateboards coming out in a few weeks... and the current love affair with an older woman. but its comin man. and as far as the fear of death... i wonder every day... but i take it one step at a tim... and my next step is to get more fuckin E.
  12. hhahaha its cool i hope not. i called the kid already about 20 times putting in an order for 9 of em tomorrow. hahaha fuck. Raver city here i come... i gotta grab some vics vapor rub. jk.
  13. and i meant haha jk as in im not a raver.. that shit really happened. and that my friends, was LIVIN DIGITAL.
  14. Oh DEAR GOD... SERIOUSLY THIS IS GONNA GET ME BANNED... BUT FUCK ALL DRUGS EXCEPT...EXCTASY. I dunno if i spelled it right or whatever... but i've been a hardcore opiate fiend for almost three years and my new-years resolution was to quit oxycontin, which ive done with quite good success with the occasional morphine or vicodin and some cocaine here and there... but tonight I was going to go on a date with a 34 yr old... and stopped by a friends house to drop off some vicodins for him...and he hands me a wierd greenish blue pill. Im like, DUDE I TOLD YOU I DONT DO X... and hes like, well just take it and if you decide to take it you will. If not no big deal, so he just gave it to me. Anyway, I get bored and antsy at the same time waiting for her to show up... so i take half. the shit kicks in almost immediately... but peaks out at dinner. then we go to a bar... i slip into the bathroom and take the other half. needless to say... i was feeling the best ive ever felt in my life... everything she did was making me horny... but i kept my composure and just went with it. it was the second date, and seeing that im a classy gentleman... we didnt have sex on it... but we made out and FUCK it might have well been sex... it felt just as fuckin good. Then on the way home i stopped at 7-11 to get a drink... i walked in and the fuckin lights just HIT me. HARD... in the best way ever. I was stumbling around staring at the drinks smiling feeling a full body fuzz that was better than any amount of oxycontin ive ever taken. FUCK. DOES THIS MEAN IM A RAVER? hahahha. jk.
  15. Get a Fed Ex box and fill it with heavy Advertisements and wrap them with something that looks like plastic and then wrap it with bubble wrap... and roll up to someone on the street and tell em you just stole a laptop out of a fed ex truck and you want $200 for it... walk them to the atm... get the money, open the box slightly and show them the plastic shit so they think its real and say, "oh shit theres the 5-0" and then walk away all fast... and if they get hip to it... go beat them up take their wallets and shoes then go buy coke and heroin... when youre all out, just steal nyquil and drink it and steal ibproufin and spraypaint em green and carve oc into it and 80 into it and try to sell em. (ha jk some nig tried to pull a green spraypainted advil on me once as an oc. hahaha)
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