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celestial completion

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well not too sure what im about to say here but here it goes


i have drank sooo much fuckin coke this week. i mustve drank about 30 cans. its insane. i feel like shit. i got lactaid pills and took one today before i ate some cereal. i figured i should see if they fuckin work. so i eat some ric krispies...yay fun forever...NO! miles of fire shit afterwards. thanks assholes. i wish shitting was abolished. maybe we could sew our assholes shut and our body would adapt to the change and make it so shitting is as easy as burping. or maybe we could just have a huge fuckin flatuance session at a specific time in the day (because who would want severe gas to be released during school or work or with your friends). so like you could set a time for your insane gas release, preferably when you sleep so therefore no one would wake you up because your room smells like decomposing fake gothic kids. this reminds of of a trick i use on the train very often. see i dont like people sitting next to me on the train so if i get a chance to sit down i make sure i put some trash on the seats next to me. people in america are usually too fuckin lazy to get it off or too scared of being looked at when doing so. so i get to sit down alone...how i like it. another, more effective way of doing so, is to put some liquid on there...like water...or juice...coffee is usually on trains at random....if nothing is around you...then just fuckin spit on it. who cares.


well i suppose im done. that was fun. i want to write more.








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Lost herds mentally mumbling and fumbling along in the path wasting so much personal energy just spewing emotion and bullshit and posing and primping...funky monkey all dressed up and nowhere to go. Listen to me, my opinion counts...log on to our online survey because we care about you. Speak your voice, let yourslef be heard...all we ask in return is your name and email so we can sell you more shit to simplify your life...you have so many problems you dont even know about....let us handle everything...the TV is your friend your provider, and your MASTER MWUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!


Beware voices...might be yourself talking to yourself in disguise, or it might be an evil otherworld entity trying to gain access to and control over Britannia...keep your ears peeled.



Never rule out insanity either....its all in YOUR head.

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