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  1. here they put it on the five oclock news,as soon as twist showed up.kids were of and running.
  2. beats bangin,hold up ima bout to knock this beat up.
  3. best train thread in a little while.give thanks we're still here.i guess.
  4. i was all of three years old,livin it up in the nati.cincy wsa great miss it there.my family was all around i didnt know how good i had it.now,well jus look at us.never would have guessed it would end up this way. being today was the holiday and everything,it really makes me think about it.lemme stop
  5. i was jus lookin at this yesterday
  6. it all comes back to these niggas tryin to be from new york.
  7. yo fdemons.hook the new shit up man,why we stallin.i'll send a package.....
  8. but im drunk as fuck,next to a humongis truck.in a two car garage.hopin out wit two broken legs tryin to walk it off,fuck you to bitch call the cops.ima kill you and them loud ass barkin dogs.and when the cops came to i stood next to a burnt down house.:king:
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