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|___Powers of Ten.

Guest imported_Tesseract

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Guest imported_Tesseract




The pivot is the human scale: the sleeping man at the picnic, captured in a

view 1 meter square from 1 meter away. Our point of view is always perpendicular to this man.

Therefore, every image on every page, out to the outermost power, is centered on the nucleous of an atom in the hand of the sleeping man. Following that path, this flipbook offers a journey of 38 powers of ten. It takes two pages per power. That means that starting at the front (big going towards small), every two pages you see a view ten times smaller than the view two pages earlier. Since everyimage is centered on the same point, any given page is a detail from the center of the next higher page and has the next lower page nested within it. [The intermediate pages represent the view from a point approximately half way between each level of magnitude.]

Starting at the picnic, after 23 powers of ten, each time leaping 10 times further, we would find urselves at 10+23 meters, 10 million light years out, roughly 3 orders of magnitude from the edge of the observable universe. And, by dividing in 15 powers of ten from the picnic, each time cutting our field of view down to a tenth of of its previous size, we would arrive at 10 -15 meters, the scale of a proton, or about 3 orders of magnitude from the scale of a quark. As you can confirm by counting the powers for yourself, if that tiny proton were one unit, then the biggest square (ten million light years) would be 10+38, or 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 of those units.



:video: 840kb

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