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otto dix

my sweetheart, the drunk's movie review thread

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well, i figure i am not hip on ANYTHING new and/or cool, but i do like things. so i will tell you about it. please feel free to add your own reviews but only when it is neccessary. for example, this is not neccessary: BLADE 2 "it was ok, i'd see it maybe, if it was free and it was raining and i was sick and...."


#1 harold and maude: basic plot... young, depressed, rich teenager leads restless life. harold fakes suicide every chance he gets and has a deep hatred for his neglectful and pre-occupied mother. he meets maude, an 80 year old eccentric, car thief and falls in love...they share a common interest in funerals and the movie goes on many twists and turns to its ultimately depressing and confusing ending. the movie was made in 1971 (i believe) and has a totally original and eerie feel. entire soundtrack composed by cat stevens. a classic and a must.

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^^^cool cool, i wouldnt mind keeping this shit going just so i can check out new movies and shit...


and i wish i lived in strongbadia, i'm kind of jealous. all those dudes dont have anything to do but fuckoff it seems.

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The Little Shop Of Horrors


There is another version that came out in 1961 with Jack Nicholson too...



The guy from Honey I Shrank the Kids with the glasses works in a plant shop and raises this man eating plant from outer space. He's in love with a girl who has a high pitched voice and low cut dresses. She also has a sadistic dentist boyfriend (Steve Martin) who ends up getting fed to the plant. John Candy is a DJ for the local radio station, and Bill Murray is a masochistic patient of Steve Martin. James Belushi and Christopher Guest also pop up.

The plant gets bigger and bigger end eventually glasses boy zaps it. There are also these three awesome black Motown girls singing in the background throughout the movie.



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