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Guest K[O]MEGA


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Guest K[O]MEGA

yess i have a drug test tomorrow and im high as fawk..so sue me...

my stoner chat with some gurl


sarahakabob: do u beleive in god?

sarahakabob: can i ask that?

komega_9: i think..the story of god

sarahakabob: ok

komega_9: was made up by someone alogn time ago..caus they had no explanation why they were here ..so this guy made up a story that made sense

komega_9: and everyone started to believe it

komega_9: then ..he made things up that bothered him and called them sins

sarahakabob: good theory

komega_9: no one well ever knwo if its true or fiction

komega_9: no one will ever knwo what our purpose here is

sarahakabob: to reproduce i beleive

sarahakabob: heehhe.. so i reproduce.. hehehe.. w/o having babies

komega_9: theres nothing in thw world that changes my mind that we are juss cells in a larger cell in a larger cell

komega_9: in a larger cell and so on

sarahakabob: this is possible

komega_9: heh..

komega_9: i should believe whats good and evil because some book tells me it is?

komega_9: it doesnt say its wrong

komega_9: it says i will not goto a imaginary place that we dont even know if its real or fiction

sarahakabob: yah

komega_9: im pretty sure adam and eve werent amarried..so why is sex before marrage wrong?

komega_9: makes no sense to me at all

sarahakabob: i agree

sarahakabob: i just blow it off.. live by my own rules and what makes me happy "floats my boat"

komega_9: why should sex with minors be illegal??..what is a minor??..who says whos a minor or not? the goverment does

komega_9: and why?

komega_9: because some govenore with lots of power wanted his daughter to be secure until she turns the age where he cannot control her anymore

komega_9: so he makes up a number

komega_9: and calls it a law

sarahakabob: well what pisses me off is the goverment says weed is sooo bad for you.. and makes it illegal.. but yet.. they are using weed to cure some of the sickest ppl... but yet its so bad

komega_9: if you believe in the bible..then go by the bivles law's theres nothign in there that says i can screw a 16 yr old

komega_9: yah i know

komega_9: there have been more causes of death by tabacco then weed

sarahakabob: yes

komega_9: more causes of death from alchohol

komega_9: then weed

komega_9: why

sarahakabob: no deaths by weed.. its a natural herb

komega_9: because they smoke and drink..thats why

sarahakabob: yup

komega_9: and they have the power to say its legal or illegal

sarahakabob: yup

komega_9: they dont want weed to be legal because it opens peoples mind and eyes

komega_9: about whats really goign on in the world

sarahakabob: and they cant tax it

komega_9: they say america is the land of freedom but thats bullshit

komega_9: we pay rent to live here

komega_9: we pay taxes

sarahakabob: completely

komega_9: why the fuck should i need to pay you

komega_9: they make the money..we work for to give it back to them

komega_9: so they win completely

sarahakabob: yup

sarahakabob: its all a big circle

komega_9: exaclty

komega_9: "shrugz"

sarahakabob: they make money, we work for them, they give us money, we buy something.. and give them money.. for nothing.. so then once again they have the money

komega_9: yup..

komega_9: its a big scam

sarahakabob: yup

komega_9: we are a big zoo

komega_9: and you knwo how it all got to be liek this

komega_9: entertainment

sarahakabob: realy

komega_9: yes let me explain my theory once again

komega_9: cave men..

komega_9: kOmegas theory on world distructions..


komega_9: hehe

komega_9: ok

komega_9: cave men..

komega_9: they got bored they started having games so they can keep each other occupied and have something to do..as old games started getting boring new games started to appear..people started inventing things to make games more enjoyable

komega_9: so inventions

komega_9: came in

komega_9: games got more exiting

komega_9: people wanted more things to do

komega_9: so they started trading things for toher things

komega_9: ill trade you this for that thing you made

komega_9: guy opens a store makes lots of things people trade lots of things for his things

komega_9: othe rpeopl started doing the same

komega_9: until it became this big thing where money was invented

komega_9: cause no one had any more ideas of what to make and the games ..inventions got boring

sarahakabob: neat theory

komega_9: so then a smart man comes along..and says..i can make this place as fun as it was when we first started

komega_9: ..thats how the goverment started

komega_9: peopel liked this place

komega_9: so they started paying to live here

komega_9: "taxes"

komega_9: as it grew more and more ..peopel started comming more and more

komega_9: ..

sarahakabob: wow

komega_9: and thats as far as i thought it up

sarahakabob: never thought of it that way

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using profilactics is wrong,birth control is wrong,but not having sex is birth control .................so not having sex is wrong....................i need pussssssssssssssssssssssssssssssyyyy

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I know you didn't just instant message someone an hour ago asking how to cleanse your system out because you smoked last wednesday and you've got a drug test. Then you're gonna come on here all retarded stoned not giving a fuck. Always tryin to make someone think about some shit that's completely pointless. i mean god damn.



PRUDE - If I had nuts, you'd be on 'em.


[This message has been edited by tow up from tha flow up ! (edited 08-04-2001).]

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Guest K[O]MEGA

hey atleast i passed the test....

so all goes well ..in the corrupt world..


god bless cranberries..

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