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  1. i think they are sexy on some tattoo'd rockabilly guys with the dark denim and fitted t shirts. yowza mprs
  2. cuffs n stuff when they start making afixiation gear, i'm there. most girls i know are down to be cuffed to a bed. i dont know too many who fantasize about cuffing up dudes though (you wish). mprs
  3. splat I was at the Cooker (steakhouse) in Columbus once, chillin with some friends waiting for our friend who was a hostess to finish her shift. We were makin fun of everyone out of boredom, then this extremely obese couple got sat at the table right next to us. The kind of people that should be wearing bed sheets.. u know. They were abnormally hairy and smelled like piss, and just the sight of them was enough to make anyone lose their appetite. Well right behind them was this yuppy ass couple with their loud ass attention starved kids. They were pretty disgusted by the fat people too, and the lady actually scowled at them, put her napkin on her plate and pushed it to the corner with this look of absolute nausia. So she kindof leans over the table and is obviously talking shit about them to her husband. Meanwhile, the kids finish eating too and proceed to start playing on the floor underneith the table. Just feet away from this pair of fat ankles that actually roll not once, but twice around the shoe line. The fat woman is wearing this meu meu, and it's obvious her theighs are so fat that she has to sit with her legs like 2 feet apart. Which was especially gross considering she was filling the room with a piss like stench. So the fat people get their appetizers and by this time the yuppies are enthralled in some deep conversation, probably about the latest medical studies concerning the adkins diet or some bullshit, and they're totally paying no attention to their kids who are now breaking up crayons and throwing them at the fat ankles. We're cracking up, which is egging them on even more. I think the blubber cut off nerve endings though because neither of them even noticed. So we're all laughing and having a goodtime at their expense when out of nowhere the lardass lady in the meu meu struggles and sweats her way into a standing position, and starts waddling towards the yuppy table. The kids sit up at attention afraid to move thinking their about to get busted for throwing stuff. Then as the lady walks past the yuppy table she lets out this terrible moan of shock that sounds like a dying horse, then proceeds to grab the back of her huge ass as shit come spraying out the back of her meu meu landing all of about 6 inches away from the kids. The little girl starts crying obnoxiously loud which draws attention from the whole entire restaurant so EVERYONE turns to see whats going on just in time to see this 500 pound hairy woman trying to gallop to the restroom holding a sopping clingy meu meu to her shit stained overstuffed beanbag of an ass, leaving a trail of very consentrated and chunky diahrrea splattered all over the nicely finished hardwood floor. The look on the yuppies face was priceless, I don't think a trainload to auschwitz could have looked more mortified. The whole crowd went dead silent except for a coughs and gags and people were actually rubbernecking over and around booths paralized in shock and sympothy for those poor kids who were now whimpering in a scarred for life type of fashion. The whole room filled up with the smell of hot garbage and a distinct roadkill type of death stench.. And the best part of the whole thing was that the fat husband just sat out there finishing the appetizers, didn't get up or say anything at all.. even when the clean up crew came out, and the manager came out to pick up tabs for that whole section. Dude just sat there eating and being fat like it was all he had left. mprs
  4. damn i thought this was a post about turbo from breakin'. he's a negro. shaba-doo what what!
  5. woah mammero, you are doing the freestyle session video? i dont know anything about macs sorry but dope. post it on the wiggles forum (www.mrwigglesonline.com) if you ever get it back to good, those kids would eat it up. peace mprs
  6. I'm not such a big fan of sitting on a dudes face. my ex was obsessed with eating girls out that way, he said it made him feel like he was being forced to do it which turned him on... but, i'm not such a big fan. same reason i'm not into masturbating standing up, it's possible, but when you start to climax and your legs are giving out and your lightheaded, it just makes sense to lay down and enjoy it. when i'm sitting on a dudes face, i'm worried about smashing his nose with my pelvic bone or what if he starts suffocating and im just riding away not a care in the world and it's impossible to find the perfect leg angle, you have to use the same muscle to keep yourself downfar enough but not putting all your weight. after about 5 minutes of quad isolation (or whatever muscle that is) you start to feel the burn. i'd say 69 on your side or eat your girlie out on her back if your worried about what she wants. and i wouldn't sweat her butthole too bad, most of the girls i know are obsessive compulsive wipers. you never see skidmarks in girls panties cuz we take better care of our shit (no pun intended - har har) than dudes. first ya gotta put your neck into dont stop just do it do it. mprs
  7. some woman went on a twinkie diet, she'd eat like one for every meal or whatever, and she lost mad weight. the thing is, it's calorie intake, she was only eating about 900 calories a day, compared to the 1500-2000 calories that are in a normal diet. so a deep fried twinkie is probably about 800 or 900 calories. if you ate one a day, you'd probably survive even healthier than you would on the 3000 calorie complex carb diet that your body would turn into fat that would go unburned reguardless. make sense? if you're going to eat one, i'd take dee's advice and not eat the day before or somethin. i can justify anything. mprs
  8. Pistol, do I know you? and that's dope if you want to carpool, I'll bring taco's you can eat :o mprs
  9. I'm not sure if anyone's posted about this yet, but I was just curious if anyone was going to go check out the poppin pete and taco workshop in Boston? It's happening the last weekend of September, $180 for 3 days of classes and afterparties, cats from all over are coming up I hear. If you want details check out http://www.mrwiggleshiphop.net on the forum section. hit me up if anyone from the midwest is going and wants to carpool! mprs
  10. I've known some rockabilly cats who have been down for at least 8 years now, dudes with the old school dice and carddeck tattoo's (etc), hot rods, collared bowling shirts and plain white t shirts with the nicely fitted pants, and a lot of girls with full sleeves who look like pin-up girls. I think it's always been kindof popular in the punk/hardcore scene. specially with the sxe kids who have been around for a grip. mprs
  11. you think your day was bad?? i over slept my alarm but woke up just 10 minutes after it was supposed to go off anyway, went to work, made $200 in 4 hours, came home and got a perfect parking spot, no one was home so I got to chill out and eat dinner all by myelf for the first time in over a month, my crush called and is coming over to spend the day with me tommorrow, and I'm passing up plans tonight so I can take a hot bath, write my parents and best friend for no reason at all, just to tell them what's up, masturbate, and go to bed earlie so I'll have time to buy a new outfit before I hang out with the crush. Oh wait, my day was nearly perfect, hmm, sucks to be you. (sorry, I was trying to find a way to brag about how good my day was and I couldn't find a logical translation from the meat hat topic) mprs
  12. can't say I have... but, I did take a test in YM to see if I was a bully today. and I'm "not to tart or too sweet". It's a good thing I'm not a "total terror" or even worse a "definate doormat". I am a perfect balance of young and modern chi. mprs
  13. I wonder what the other boogaloo's would think if i stepped out in a circle wearing a derby made of raw bacon and hush puppies lined with tuna. I think you're onto something. mprs
  14. i feel that. i'm about to move to cincinnatti, movin in a phatty apartment with 2 other b-girls and 3 headz. spiral staircase, balcony overlooking the whole cityscape, this place is nice.... but in order for it to work i have to pay off $800 on my car, $200 on a gym membership, $350 this months rent, $325 deposit, and $325 rent all in the next 4 weeks. wish me luck.
  15. too much fat in your diet makes your poop float.. it's supposed to sink.
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