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  1. haha remember when you sucked my dick behind arby's?
  2. >:l guys could we plz get back on topic?
  3. EXPERT ADVICE FROM THE MICROPHALLUS CHAMP. yo you forgot the clothespins and friction tape.
  4. my girl nancy died in a car crash last night. you ppl on the boards might know her as tow up from tha flow up ! it's been really hard for all of us, she was a really great person. R.I.P. TOW [This message has been edited by subclub (edited 08-06-2001).]
  5. no one's with you man. except david cross. but he would kick your fucking ass if he ever saw you.
  6. but back to rico blattz. he ran with death row for a while, and when he left suge put a hit out on him. so now whenever he performs, he has to wear a vest. 3 shots went off in philly, the crowd scattered, but blattz kept rhymin. after the show it turned out that he had taken two of those slugs in the chest and the third in the thigh, but he kept going. one tough kid. watch out for this guy.
  7. umm white suburban kids don't know who big L is. so they wouldn't watch anything about him on mtv. oh wait, you guys are white suburban kids. SO MUCH FOR MY THEORY.
  8. R.I.P. toucher haha makro rip-offz suck dicks all over
  9. poison ivy rules man. remember when she hooked up with harley quinn and they fucked shit up?
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