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Poop Man Bob

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Originally posted by CACashRefund@Jul 24 2005, 04:38 AM

Yeah, whats up with this funky background...




....And some nice fliks up there...Loving the thread.


YEHMANWORD u dirty fuck.

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this past friday i went to a wedding and it was off the meter. for those that know me know when a massive gathering involves boos, im probably gonna be smashed.. no doubt i was..


too much champagne, way too much champagne!!


it goes down like velvet but comes up like sandpaper.





the brides 77 yr old grandmother. this lady was off the hook on the dancefloor.



the bride and friends..



more friends..





this is my homies dad and step mom..

ex elementary school principle

retired to work in a liquor store..pure off the hookness

he was pretty tilted too.




more drunks.





dancefloor action... shiiiiiit!!




enjoy..post yiz drunken pics up.

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Originally posted by amItoolate?@Jun 10 2003, 01:36 PM

and what better way to do it than flix of crow. this crackhead we met last night.


"hey man im gonna go over here and use your jhonny on the spot"






crow wants to be down with the hurtpoo crew


down like what!!


this ones for im not witty:


eba00337173f00000019.jpg<img src='http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00337173f00000020.jpg'>


i gotta bump this from a few years ago..

this was one hell of a night..

this crackhead we met in philly was willin out!!!



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