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  1. good pictures yeah that zero roofy is a banger does anyone know if scott's hamberger heaven is any good? the one by 35th and ashland
  2. i never seen that shit in chicago, probaly cuz we dont need no more "loko" blacks/mexicans around. i would never buy that, too much good stuff out ther , plus i get my energy from the yola
  3. the catcher in the rye is a good book. and i like the waterfall pic
  4. what does the blue tag say????? and cutler throwing like he wants to leave the team
  5. im glad i went to mexico already cuz im never going back well idk the girls are dope ii might have to go back but stay away from drugs
  6. what the fuck you smokin big tork? hit me up what u on rice?
  7. it be them calling them bigheaded fuckn lames
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