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  1. i'm back. shit is mad handsome.
  2. wakeup. eat. vodka. fifa 2006. vodka. beer. beer. beer. spill beer all over self. beer. sleep.
  3. wow there were a lot of people crying about this show in this thread...i think it's hilarious.
  4. i like to call ex's, and depending on my drunken mood, tell them how whorish or beautiful they are.
  5. why can't i think of a question?
  6. so that jurassic park...pretty crazy dinosaurs in that movie.
  7. hopefully your feet don't have avian flu or something now.
  8. papoose is ill. "the gun stay on my jeans like a family resemblance".
  9. so much gin...beefeater nonetheless. whodied.
  10. i found a full bottle of bombay in someones refrigerator at this party once.
  11. Friday - finish of 1.75 of gin left over from my trip to milwaukee this past week. - going to some kind of disco-themed party, which will more than likely be irritating. i will however be obscenely drunk, so it should be tolerable if not mildly entertaining. - leave with lady, sex her. Saturday - wake up around noon. - catch up on some reading. - probably take a poop or something. - drink. a lot. Sunday - work. - school-related work. Bonus Quiz Your first drink of the night, what is it? gin and tonic, feelin supersonic. If you could play one team sport right now, which one? lacrosse looks fun. What famous person would you sleep with just for bragging rights? salma hayek. believe it. Last video game played? fight night 3. Best Steve Martin movie? the jerk. What's on your feet right now? clark's wallabees.
  12. i've found that i have way more appreciation for juvenile's 400 degreez now than when it originally came out, when i was in middle school. friday night, get whodied.
  13. marlboro lights. and on that note, i'm gonna go smoke.
  14. word. well, you know. i'm gonna see what kind of ridiculous brewers fitted i can get.
  15. im off to milwaukee to go to an oasis concert... stay handsome.
  16. a lot of guilt comes with cheating, especially if you actually have feelings for who you're with. in the end, it's not worth it to fuck them over like that. put yourself in their shoes you know, that sort of thing. simple solution: don't get obscenely drunk around attractive girls...shit, doesn't even have to be attractive girls, yanawutimsayn?
  17. that was me. i'm sayin dude, that evp shit is no joke.
  18. hungoverseas

    MR ABC

    why ? the whole hat was gay, and arent you american ? Quoted post [/b] eh, it's alright, i kinda just got it cos it was a little ridiculous looking and i didn't think too many other people would have it. it was between looking un-american and gay apparently, or a cancer patient wigger in "digital camo" or something... ^^^that has homosexual undertones thread written all over it.
  19. hungoverseas

    MR ABC

    i got that australia joint. i had to leave the stickers on it cos yeah that back logo is mad suspect.
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