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Most Horrible Tortures Known.

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The idea came from cracked ass' ways not to die thread....


Having a small hollow pipe with a decent length of razor/barbed wire inside it, jammed hard up your crack, with the pole being taken out and the wire still inside you. Then having the wire pulled on the other end, ripping it out as fast as possible.


Having a stick tied into long hair and twisting it tighter and tighter. When the harsh cunts arms get tired they hand off the task to a friend while either holding the victim down or just watching. Not only would the hair be ripped out completely but the scalp would often be torn open, showing the skull-cap.


Having a huge hairy over powering man, use you as jail bait until HE hurts himslef or get exhausted.........(after he splits you in two.)



i know there kinda sick, but i'm looking forward to what you all can dish up.:o

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ok check this out. take brillo pads and razors and slice small slits all over your body. skuff up your body with the pad. then put you into a bathtub full of salt ,bear mase, and bleech. then leave you in ther for 3 days. after that pour sugar and honey all over you and drop you on a hill of fire ants. either that of putting you into a box that is smaller that you are so you cant move at all for days and then filling it up with carbon maonxide or water. im claustorphibic......... or sawing off all of your limbs witha rusty butter knife.........



yeah this is the shit i'm talking about taper :lol:



i'm off to bed, hopefully i will wake up with 1 million ways to torture my cat or whatever.:o



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