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  1. Anti-Flag

    hit a tree instead

    fuck off, leave the trees alone and take out more human scum.
  2. Anti-Flag

    Mr Brain.

  3. Anti-Flag

    dear life,

    Religon Is A Conspiracy.
  4. Anti-Flag

    power up.

    zack sucked! he was hella geek.
  5. Anti-Flag

    I want to see YOU.

    you will never see me
  6. Anti-Flag

    australian apreciation thread

    "Why won't Rolf Harris just fuck off and die?"
  7. Anti-Flag

    fox news....fair....balanced....thieves

    well fark him....hes taking it nazi style.
  8. really, its the bitches muff. her coice wouldn't ya think.
  9. Anti-Flag

    Web Cam Action

    classic yoink.:lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. Anti-Flag

    ·• What do you want to be when you grow up? •·

    yeah no shit those eyes are farrrked. i have a friend in the same situation, or maybe i know your man.:o
  11. all wak.........everybody enjoys a mousaka:yum:
  12. Anti-Flag

    black shirt or grey shirt

    shirts are wak.
  13. Anti-Flag

    What do you do for money?

    b..but you said you will give it back.:beat:
  14. Anti-Flag

    Ever pay your income tax?

    Greatest Quote Ever.