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tow up from tha flow up !

why are cyber perverts so lame?

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I thought this was kindof funny. It was a big waste of 5 minutes, so I figured I'd go ahead and waste 5 minutes of your time too.


wlt387: whats up




wlt387:same here


wlt387:so tell me...you into sexy guys


OpenClosedDoors:as opposed to big fat hairy mexican guys?






wlt387:im wondering


OpenClosedDoors:why are you going to ask me out?


wlt387:lol...you wish baby




wlt387:so tell me...are you single?






wlt387:tell me this...you wanting a hot guy


OpenClosedDoors:are you vin diesel?


OpenClosedDoors:if you are, then yes i want you.


wlt387:lol...well im not black...but im kinda like him


OpenClosedDoors:he's not black, he's multi-facial.


wlt387:well he's more black than white


OpenClosedDoors:but if you are kinda like him, i might be interested.


OpenClosedDoors:nah he's more italian than anything.


wlt387:well you into phone sex?




OpenClosedDoors:are you into being desperate?


wlt387:lol...it depends...


OpenClosedDoors http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb//redface.gif'>n if you are drunk and the hookers don't come out on monday nights?


wlt387:lol...not that desperate girl...if you had sex with me...and id in't give it to you anymore...you'd be desperate...


OpenClosedDoors:hmm.. that's a lot of talk for someone trying to get girls on the computer to have phone sex with him.


wlt387:im not trying to get you


OpenClosedDoors:what are you trying to do?


wlt387:i asked if you was into it...


wlt387:i didn't say...hey call me right now...i want phone sex...hurry


OpenClosedDoors:so if i said yeah, you wouldn't have said 'do you want me to call you'?




OpenClosedDoors:my bad, i thought you were implying you wanted to have phone sex.


OpenClosedDoors:that's a pretty random question to ask a stranger.


wlt387:i get alot on a girl if she does like it


OpenClosedDoors http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb//redface.gif'>h yeah, like what do you get?




OpenClosedDoors:I kindof get something on a guy if he asks me if I like phone sex, to tell you the truth.


wlt387:hey...that's all you...


wlt387:your right...im a sex freak...but im not implying to call me for it


OpenClosedDoors:well unfortunately i'm not a sex freak.


OpenClosedDoors:I'm a freak for intellegent conversation. and sexy doesn't mean having a big fat cock to stick in random wet holes, it means you have a personality and better things to talk about.


OpenClosedDoors:just a word of advice, because it doesn't seem to me anyone's ever given you any.


wlt387:are you trying to be a bitch...?

wlt387 http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb//redface.gif'>r whats up...?

wlt387:im gonna go...

wlt387:im gonna go...but take care...






PRUDE - If I had nuts, you'd be on 'em.

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i live a million and a half some odd miles away from ohio but im down for some intelligent talk. http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb//biggrin.gif'>


i've cruised this site under George dubyah bush too.


infact if anyone has brains and is cool or weird you can talk to me too.


damn, nevermind. smartie farties can email me. im going sleepies http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb//smile.gif'>

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Guest K[O]MEGA

good way to round'em up..

atleast the guy had carizma muhahahahaha


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i apologize for taking my frustrations out on some of your posts(tow up) but hey you handled that like a pro like a snow queen...most intell convers is not worth getting a headache over how about some freeflowing of the mind....letting it ramble on and on like the seedlings of the rose i would let you smell....NOT touch just smell.thats all it would take...

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all the frickin girls up in here keep blowin up my spot. damn girls!

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only as a joke...

but how would you like me to bend you over and pull on your pony tail as i prove my manhood...if you dont have pony tail..your love handles will do just fine...as i rub your tit and lick your back...



go go GODZILLA.....

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