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  1. yeah......im far from orlando tho. like fuggin 4 hours south of orlando...
  2. Born and Raised in New JERSey....... Currently residing in this big misty vagina swamp hole called Florida
  3. Fuck you all. It rains here every mother fucking day. every day. fucking rain and clouds..........shit. and i have to work outside too.........FUCK!!!!! and no girlfriend!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH GJSDFL:ASKFD:LAKSDF:LKAsdfka'lkfda'kfds'adsf/
  4. more power to you. send me her ballerina friend. http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb//smile.gif'>
  5. oh god im feeling this topic. Stupid people are just fucking.......arg. so god damn ignorant. #1. Everyone should pick up any tool album and read the lyrics. #2. Big dissapointment- Hot or decent chicks that are retarded wen they talk. #3. OH GOD PRO LIFE CHURCH FUCKERS.- they fucking hold signs with dead babies and blood and shit?!!! wHAT THE FUCK! hahaha.JESUS!!!!! IDIOTS SHEEP!!!!!!!!god , i fucking hate those bastards. i bet those fuckers never had to deal with a fucking pregnancy crisis without their parents knowing.......or had to deal with any problems without church or religion assistance. fucking go do something for yourself and by yourself. yeah well........i wish i can rant more, but i love flipping off and saying fuck you!! to those pro life sign wielding shit heads.
  6. yeah.....im going to try and find that self completeness someday. yeah.....jesus, bboy circles used to be soooo dope. oh lord, all the hype, famous fuckers dancing right in front of you, all the beef, and all the "ohhhhh shit!!!!!!!'s" being tossed around. i wish i was better at rockin........those cirlces hold some good ass memories even thoa lot of the pro's at rocking were incompetent assholes. anyway's ........graff and music are my niche really.
  7. i live a million and a half some odd miles away from ohio but im down for some intelligent talk. http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb//biggrin.gif'> i've cruised this site under George dubyah bush too. infact if anyone has brains and is cool or weird you can talk to me too. damn, nevermind. smartie farties can email me. im going sleepies http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb//smile.gif'>
  8. well........if you had a negativity page.... i can come up with a 100 page document of fucking worst life pains ever felt. otherwise, things that make people really 100% happy are slim. thats why there's so many drugs and divorces, and love not exsisting
  9. i love way too many movies to list......but for the record. THE MATRIX completely ripped off, raped,etc.. the movie DARK CITY. Dark City is an awesome movie way before matrix came out......and the similarites are fucking just. BITEN chomped. FUCKING SHARKS....... god, if anyone else has seen the two films and noticed this reply! dark city came out way earlier than matrix did. Matrix licked balls anyways. Canoo reeve's......ugh
  10. LONG POST: to reply to footsoldier or anyone who's interested. Yeah man, you really have to look at those glowy times wen you get in the gutter and feel like shit. luckily, all my moments were i felt full and warm and safe and comfortable and completely happy were with one woman. 6/15/00 that first kiss.....its like, just under the moon and stars, and its the world is glowing dark blue,...going to sleep that night and sleeping like a baby for the first time in a while...i finally got what i've always wanted. 7/4/00- no parents home, walking around outside with no shirt on, she's in a bathing suit....swimming, being alone, kissing like there's no one around.....literally floating in water and tasting her mouth after been wanting it for so long....fireworks lighting off overhead......laying in eachothers arms after stuffs. complete happyness. 12/16/01- making love for the first time and being both in love.......wishing for an eternity as you look in her eyes and she saying those three words to you...im getting faclempt here. (lots of goods stuff in between) 6/4/01- it all comes crashing down. basically hell........i don't remeber sleeping or anything of that dayor that night. yeah....so i guess im lucky for feeling all the things i felt with a woman who has loved me and i have loved her......but, there's an oppisite to everything. i've kissed god's feet and now i live in hell for it. well , i hope i didn't get too sappy for yall but if you know what im talking about you'll be more mature about it.
  11. CASEY JONES MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!!! he's human, he's cool, got a badass mask, got a badass attitude, kicks ass, and manages to get in April's cooter. PEESEEEEEEEE
  12. cool chick flick. Well, to welcome Makro back ........and my dear love for movies, i will enlighten everyone with a "Big Lebowski" quote. i hope it becomes a trend and i can get a few laughs.... "Let me tell you something pendejo, you pull any of your crazy shít with us, you flash your piece out on the lanes, i'll take it away from you and stick it up your ass and pull the fúcking trigger till it goes...click." ~Jesus THATS RIGHT! YOU DONT FUCK WITH THE JESUS!
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