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Odd USB Devices (February Nerd Thread)

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Guest uncle-boy



speaking of USB drivers, i need the software for a sony dsc-p3 cybershot so i can upload my flicks onto this new comp i'm using.


any help??

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Is smell the last uncharted territory in computing? Do we all harbour a secret desire to smell the roses of that gardening Web site or sniff damp cellars in our scary computer gaming?


Well that seems to be what the folks at AromaJet are hoping. Their new Pinoke USB device squirts smells at you on demand, triggered by the software driver employed at the time. Mmm, interesting

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List of USB devices we'd like to see.


1. Universal Sucking my Dick Babes by Osiris

2. USB cold water wet t-shirt squirter by Anonymous Monkey

3. USB hip waders - protection from office bullshit by Anonymous Monkey

4. USB Paycheck (Eliminating those annoying, pesky job things) by Anonymous Monkey

5. USB Girls Mouth by Anonymous Monkey

6. USB Automatic Joint Roller by Anonymous Monkey

7. USB Ball and Ass scratcher by Anonymous Monkey

8. USB de-queef-inizer by Anonymous Monkey

9. Penis Pump by Anonymous Monkey

10. USB Space Time Continuum Inverter by Anonymous Monkey

11. USB nuclear-powered, rocket-firing, plamsa-cannon carrying, heat-seeking vulcan-cannon towing, Laz-E-Boy with a full hydrolic 6 wheel drive system and color coded cupholders would be perfect. Hell, add in a 75MW personal defense shield while you're at it. by Rental01

12. USB abortion clinic by Anonymous

13. USB Drink mixer/shaker by Anonymous

14. USB U Suck Bitch by Anonymous

15. USB 3rd hand by Anonymous

16. USB Counterfiting machine by Anonymous

17. USB Nuclear Cannon by Anonymous

18. USB sock matcher by Anonymous

19. USB Someone to goto work for me by Anonymous

20. USB interactive porno director by Anonymous

21. USB Urinal by Anonymous

22. USB Virtual Reality googles (including hi-quality sound earphones) by Anonymous

23. usb mother extermanator by Anonymous

24. USB Buttplug by Anonymous

25. USB homework stealers by Anonymous

26. hairdresser by Anonymous

27. programable girlfriend by Anonymous

28. robotic massager by Anonymous

29. USB LSD Lab (Woooooooop!) by Anonymous

30. USB fake ID machine by Anonymous

31. USB Nukes by Anonymous

32. USB Coffee Maker by Anonymous

33. USB errand runner (so you don't have to get your ass off the 'puter to get your wife a pack of cigarettes by Anonymous

34. USB gun by Anonymous

35. USB stripper, errrrr, excuse me, exotic dancer. by Anonymous

36. USB vending machine by Anonymous

37. USB TV by Anonymous

38. USB Assault Rifle by Anonymous

39. USB Watches by Anonymous

40. USB drinking glass by Anonymous

41. USB pizza delivery boy by Anonymous

42. USB anus by Anonymous

43. USB vagina by Anonymous

44. USB Dildo? by Anonymous

45. 2 USB port's on Microsofts and Lay-Z-boy's e-cliner for the Lara Croft doll and USB Nurse by Anonymous

46. Escort Service by Anonymous

47. USB Village Idiot (For when you need to hurt someone.) by Anonymous

48. USB Hydroponic Growing System by Anonymous

49. usb bong by Anonymous

50. usb life by Anonymous

51. USB workout by Anonymous

52. USB job by Anonymous

53. USB cybernetic interface - screw keyboards! by Anonymous

54. USB Crocodile . . . Steve Irwin will be eaten alive sometime, why not an electronic Croc? by Anonymous

55. USB "Get me a beer" robot by Anonymous

56. USB power tools by Anonymous

57. USB 5.25 inch disc drive converter cable to prove your status as Uber Geek! by Anonymous

58. USB Port-O-PeePee for when yu just cant get away from that game of Quake by Anonymous

59. USB Boss / Parrent detector by Anonymous

60. USB ass ram 5000 for all those clever slow drivers in the left lane by Anonymous

61. USB motivation by Anonymous

62. USB A.T.M. by Anonymous

63. USB Sports Car Factory by Anonymous

64. dr. pepper machine by Anonymous

65. USB dildo, bundled with dildo-n-discover 2001 by Anonymous

66. A tall blonde with amazing port speeds by Anonymous

67. USB FUFME units by Anonymous

68. USB chair spinner for Wolf by Anonymous

69. USB wife by Anonymous

70. USB blow-job-o-matic from Ronco by Anonymous

71. USB vitamins! by Anonymous

72. USB interactive blowup Lara Croft doll by IO

73. USB fingernail clippers by IO

74. USB Keg by IO

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Welcome to the Revolution:


The iBrator.




Tired of being left in the dust when everyone else in the office has had their orgasm? Feel the power of the new millennium!


Enhances Performance!

You may have read in health magazines about the benefits of exercising your pubococcygeus (PC) muscles. The list of advantages ranges from reducing labor pains to intensifying orgasms. With the iBrator's new KegelMate feature, you can turn your PC muscles into Power-PC muscles!

Fully Y2K compatible!

You can safely ignore all of the horror stories of your vibrators suddenly shutting off on January 1st, 2000. With the iBrator you can usher in the new millennium with multiple, quivering orgasms - You won't need to revert to that old analog dildo!


"I came till I cried! I was instantly won over by this vibrator!"

"I'm the envy of everyone at the office!"

"The iBrator's sleek design and ergonomic contours makes it a winner in my book!"

"With my schedule I don't have the time to worry about having to restart my computer if I want to plug in my vibrator. The iBrator is a God-send!"


Benchmark speeds:

With the improved intelli-speed control and our patented hyper-resonance technology you'll come up to twice as fast as you would using one of the many "beige cocks". Speed: 24X(max)


Why USB?

Universal Serial Bus (USB) is latest advance in peripheral connectivity technology. Stop worrying about the "daisy-chaining" hassles of yore. The iBrator brings new meaning to the phrase "plug and play." Now, with the power of USB you can connect up to 127 different iBrators for a sweaty, gang-banging marathon! Plus, the iBrator draws power directly from your USB port - no more recharging!




Situation (8:03AM): Your boss storms into your office and screams, "I need an orgasm within the next five minutes!"

Solution: The iBrator's dual thrust motors are ideal for rush jobs. Your boss will be coming in no time.

Situation (4:35PM): You've just completed your big report and you're waiting for it to print. You can't get up and walk around because you don't want it to look like you're not doing anything.

Solution: The iBrator's multi-tasking capability allows your print job to complete while keeping you "occupied" at the same time.



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Guest WebsterUno

cuzz Im T-M-C

Im dyno-mite!

Hey-Hey! T-M-C!

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Guest WebsterUno

I want to see someone make a USB cock pump!


Nah fuck it, a firewire cock pump!

it should come in those cool aple colors too!


Bondi Blue


Flower Power!




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