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peicin together a fucked up dream

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aight i just woke up so im gonna get this one down while its still warm....

so me and 2 of my buddys are lookin for somewhere to paint, im not sure where we are at, its def. not where any of us live nearby, its wet and muddy, we find this hotel, or at least thats what it looked like and where climbing to get to the top and somehow accedently end up goin through a window, into someones kitchen, we go running to find a door and can hear someone waking up in the next room, my buddies run out ahead of me and some big lady comes out screaming, i couldnt get the door open and by this time im panicing, i try to tell her it was an accedendt, but shes just screamin and clawing, and goin for the phone, so in an attempt to keep her from waking anyone else in the building or reaching the athoraties, i try clonking her ontop of the head to knock her out, but shes puttin up one hell of a fight, before long im wailin upside the top of her dome, i then grab a dirty frying pan out of the sink and try clonkin her with that, it takes FOREVER! and im not sure what happened next until....

me and my 2 friends(well call them, joo-joo and solamente sulker oner)

are lined up against a wall some ways away, by now there is rumor that it is the last day of the world, then as the police continue to talk to us and go through our pockets, and pretty much catch us no-way-out, this

huge crowd of people show up with kegs, its all our friends and then some, all towing down before the world ends, i remember lookin at one of my other frieinds and bein like, you all best raise bail money before them kegs get tapped,

well i dont remember much exept being back at my apt. counting down to the end of the world, and looking out the window and seeing 3 crusty punkers sitting against the wall across the street, as im looking out, they all three get naked, i guess cause its the end of the world, i can almost remember her panties, they had charachters on the , mabey ducktales, any way it just gets all crazy with broomsticks after that. and i guess i woke up shortly thereafter


man i love dreams...especily ones that are soooo fucked up you wake up and you got those few seconds of addrenaline rushing through you, oh man, its the best.

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Guest im not witty

hahahah. solamente sulker oner.


dont put the coffee on we cant stay. goodtimes.

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Originally posted by amItoolate?

so your saying subcociously, i have a fear of beating tough fat ladies over the head with frying pans.......hmmm?




more like not being able to control your enviroment


fear of losing control of a situation

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