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Toronto-> like just above the US

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all mine, all toronto unless otherwise noted...for the fucked up crooked pics i was super low on film and had to squeeze in as much as i could.



45 UN






asstro, cycle truck..if anyone has lifesucksdie..one of the issues,this truck is in life sucks die before the cycle was bombed over..im observant.


wayne (taken in guelph not toronto),teckoe ???, bacon


sorry for the blur..??,sader,monolith by duro3 i believe..


dont know any of them????


dont know any...mes3 tag on door.


cans from tats production on roof, faded character i thought was neat(pittsburgh not toronto),cerk window etch(also pittsburgh not toronto)


part of tats/kwota production, duro3 and ???


????,??????,duro3 and kane and ???





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[This message has been edited by Chicken George (edited 08-28-2001).]

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jasonx violates toronto part 2: fathom!!!






all fathom except whats not fathom...those are kane,water,whoever did the snails..then various tags...correct me on anything i messed up.

. more to come...as always, all were taken by me.


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jasonx violated toronto part 5?








artchild(thanks to bigpoppak),export,insight?


duro3,sader, heros production




i make different threds for people with slow internet..all Toronto unless otherwise noted..all mine mo fucka..mm fix me on what i said wrong or fill in stuff..word


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jason x violates toronto part 8 i think..iv lost track..last one though


all pics posted in this post and the last 7 were posted while listening to kyrie by mr. mister on repeat..thats fucking hardcore biotch...



some tag??,some peice i flicked at 4am in DC with thugs being loud across the street..we actually got lost and ended up finding this..yay for dc road way, wetso


UN mother fucka who run it?


un, sight?/sense,sight?


neato unfinished wiser peice,myst, a very rare wall peice by kwest(thanks again big poppa dolos for the info)???




more zion..post your zion pics please...alex, recka, kane and artchild(thank you poppa again)..


that is all. i hope you liked them. all were taken by jason x. all toronto unless otherwise noted. i loved tornto,i visted from NC. its dope. this kid DL is up all over, i didnt get anything by him though..allthough everything was tags..i saw no throw ups or peices, but he gets props for the mad marker ups....later.


[This message has been edited by Chicken George (edited 08-28-2001).]


[This message has been edited by Chicken George (edited 08-28-2001).]


[This message has been edited by Chicken George (edited 08-28-2001).]


[This message has been edited by Chicken George (edited 08-28-2001).]

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Originally posted by Chicken George:

i have no idea. im from north carolina..i was just visiting..youll have to ask someone who lives there.


shit man.. when the hell were you here? you should of let us know man..


... some legal. some illegal. some borderline.

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bigpoppa..i was there about 2 months ago..it was kinda last minute..i knew like 3 days before i left i was going. my friend was visitng a friend and i went for the graffiti and dmc comp...im sure i will be back eventually i really like toronto..


also..i would like to say thank you to the guy working in the graffiti shop on queen street i think..its 2nd story with graff all the way up the stairs..maybe under pressure store? but he gave me directions to some graff spots so thank you to that guy..

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ooooooooooh MAN!

damn! you took alot of flix while you were here.

who the fuck knows??? - thats a very rare wall piece by kwest.

the very last flik.. - kane, alex, recka, and artchild is the one you missed.



so good to see some unbiased posts from the tdot.

good work chicken..


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