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  1. Usually stick with rusto 100% but considering using some euro to do a particularally detailed piece. I've heard some horror stories about fading from Ironlak and Montana after just a few years, so does anyone have any thoughts on what will hold up the best? Thanks.
  2. c1hnt

    dont ask

    Like the other day I was dealing with beef and some toys who weren't even involved were asking a ton of questions.. and now people are asking me to give them freight spots, and abandos, and tell them about people's deaths? Don't ask about spots unless they are given to you by a mentor or you found it, and don't fucking ask about beefs or death unless it concerns you or the person wants to share. And if you find a spot people of respect are painting, ask them if you can paint there, or get given it, or just don't. Thanks for coming to my rant. peace.
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