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  1. I'm only slightly fat I'll whoop your ass
  2. Or do u mean a fat person made it
  3. Que what do you mean by shit fat shit ugly or good
  4. Que sappa beueno mi tiovivo is estoy in f me pappis es k
  5. If crew I just noticed that after I made the name.
  6. I'm just gonna post extra so I can some extra likes cuz I need some badly if I ever make it back to one I'll be sure and good
  7. I'm bout to draw on seroquel in a minute prolly right after I get done wit Dias damn text forrealla man ive had met sum creative ass friends when ibstarted listening tobrap
  8. Here's some coloring pages I would totally visit this site if I got free time in school in July I've been on deviantart in jail looking at stickers from fez at idk where fez at b at rn I miss his crazy ass
  9. Man well I would do a piece green inside ugliness black insides and purple outline ig
  10. These r both clean i like den a lot I would rep these shoes hard as fuck in da m
  11. IFC crew. Imperial flag crew. The symbols are a five point star crickets. There trademark is silence . And there colors are red and black. They wear there flag either way but the best way is on the face. Black shorts and red hoodie is what I rep in with a gray flag. Cuz there secondary colors are gray and green and sometimes purple.
  12. Thanks for correcting my grammar
  13. I'm bout to smoke dream herb and drink tea until I get my dreams
  14. I killed my dreams cud I did dream herb more than once that was dumb I used to have dreams every night fromnit
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