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  1. still the only one on this thread, still a toy, hopped on IG then hopped back off lol
  2. toy question reel quik. am i supposed to just keep buying caps forever? im pretty much just using stock and NY fats, and the lines stop being clean and consistent after several uses. can u clean them or is buying a new set inevitable?? thx in advance
  3. Down to sell em fsho, hit my dm. these rusto cans had no dates but one i had said '82 and another said '79, and it had the same size plastic cap that rusto currently has (except with the screwdriver opening rather than squeezing it) so i was just assuming these were older. but def might be 90s or whatev.
  4. found a box of cans at an estate sale. bunch of unique old labels. rusto from i think late 70s
  5. fuck the police fuck em all black lives matter
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