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  1. still the only one on this thread, still a toy, hopped on IG then hopped back off lol
  2. toy question reel quik. am i supposed to just keep buying caps forever? im pretty much just using stock and NY fats, and the lines stop being clean and consistent after several uses. can u clean them or is buying a new set inevitable?? thx in advance
  3. Down to sell em fsho, hit my dm. these rusto cans had no dates but one i had said '82 and another said '79, and it had the same size plastic cap that rusto currently has (except with the screwdriver opening rather than squeezing it) so i was just assuming these were older. but def might be 90s or whatev.
  4. found a box of cans at an estate sale. bunch of unique old labels. rusto from i think late 70s
  5. fuck the police fuck em all black lives matter
  6. any 650 in the house? bouta post some select flicks on here, join the party if ya pleez. if you wana see errythang peep my flickr I'll dump flicks of really any graffiti or street art there https://www.flickr.com/photos/188010115@N02/
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