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  1. Been fucking with SAIRE.
  2. Just made some more ink and used some more accurate measurements. 150 pens, 1 1/4 cups 91% isopropyl alcohol, 1/4 cups purple PVC primer. I should have either used less alcohol or just kept the brew the same, because I'm starting to notice when I add any amount of charcoal to the mix with the expectation of it becoming thicker, it just leaves hateful wet clumps in my mop. I've heard various types of powders referenced to be used as thickening agents? Are we talking like baby powder or what?
  3. Appreciate you guys pointing me in the right direction
  4. . Guilty as charged w the handstyle
  5. Tried toning down the fancy bs some. What do you birds think?
  6. Some more foolery for you birds to feel out
  7. New here. Would appreciate some crits
  8. Can ya feel it now Mr. Crabs?
  9. Curious has anyone ever experimented with iron gall ink as a base?
  10. Black Parker Quink Diamine Denim 74% isopropyl alcohol lots of pens and sharpies WD-40 two caps of dot 3 lil bit of charcoal and some car polishing type shits who's labels say they're UV resistant and water resistant. I've used this brew a couple times before in my mops, but have yet to establish the best ratio for the ingredients. Or at least I haven't measured it. Otherwise it's pretty sexy.
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