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    I once got bit by a spider and spent a whole week at a hospital my last night there was a Friday and I wanted to snort coke so I had my brother bring me my stash hat he had no clue what I wanted it for he brought it anyway then he brought me burger king I asked him if he could bring mr beer and he left pissed off once he realized I had a bunch of 50pc in the hat so I just had one of my custy hoes bring me a 6pk for a 20 bag in return the bitch finished all her shit and knew I had more lines set out on the pull out tray so I told her to go get more beer and she did but they wouldn't let her up so I managed to sneak out and drink in her car.

  2. Yo nobody bugged while I popped shells

    Into the abyss palms so clammy can't nobody

    stand me I talk with a lisp so you can't understand me

    Plain and simple it ain't hard to tell. loose screws ain't

    Something that I'm used too Try making it to the end of the block in my shoes dude

  3. I was letting this freaky bitch shower with me once and she tried to slip her finger in my ass while I was all soapy I knew what she was trying to do cause she kept playing with my butt cheeks while she was deep throating me she was doing her best to distract me and she was doing such an awesome job that I didn't realize she had her finger half way in my butt I freaked and wanted to punch her but instead I dick smacked her several times and she loved it.

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