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  1. 300.jpg

    If your girl doesn't want to fuck as much as you do keep this around. start by massaging her feet

    With it then massage her back without it and explain that if she takes off all her clothes you will

    Give her a full body rub down and do so for about thirty minutes. Then gently finger her or rub down her clit boom works like a charm every fucking time plus everyone likes a good massage

  2. Cta platforms are fun to drink on my x gf even dared me to fuck her on the Logan square platform. that was one of the wildest night in Logan for me I was surprised she was so down the opposie end of the tunnel has only one camera it all started with her daring me to walk around with my pants at my ankles. Chicago hands down one of the best cities for getting cased out

  3. not_the_father_2.jpg

    X gf tried to pull a fast 1 hey she got a free lunch out of it gold digging chicken head hoe

    She's not even prego she just wanted to see me so she lied to me I was so happy I wanted to get up and dance even though I'm a shitty dancer well at least no ones hurt

    And I didnt have to punch her in the stomach

  4. I've been wondering if maybe dude blew his mind on too much psychedelics or some shit.

    I've seen a couple people I knew completely do a 180 and turn into scatterbrained dipshits after doing too much LSD.


    I have done a shit load of acid and even mixed it with coke once I never did shit like this

    Maybe he just had alot of free time if your going to blame it on any drug blame it on the salts or shit blame it on Colorado what the fuck is there to do in Colorado any way just saying

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