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  1. Big question here, have any of you guys heard of this Wingcap adapter? (Similar to the sekt adapter) I saw a vid on it somewhere and was wondering if it worked any better or different that the others.
  2. wow, lol. I don't know if you are trying to funny with me or not. :)
  3. Yeah, loved the scrapyard. When I stopped in NYC I stopped there to get my paint in order to paint at 5PTZ. Loved that place. Met some really cool people and saw the sickest stuff. Best experience of my life. Anyways, can't believe rusto goes for that now.
  4. Yeah, you might have to get some minor surgery or something like that lol Good luck
  5. Yeah, I saw some places carrying them for more than a belton, but other places carry them for like a little over 4 dollars. Might depend on the place. You?
  6. Shit, I confused freights with passengers for some reason, read your post wrong. Yeah, I guess it wouldn't be a bad solution then lol
  7. Hey, have any experience with fresh paint cracking or fading? Never bothered to use it extensively enough so I wouldn't know. Let me know if possible. Stuff is cheap, so it would be nice if it didn't.
  8. Don't know if they would last long. Heard a lot of stories of laks fading in like a month, and cracking and stuff when used with rusto... ?
  9. yeah, i don't know. lol might depend on how big they were
  10. haha, yeah. Is it because you have the gauges or plug piercings? (Think thats what they are called.)
  11. lol guys I was just curious. I suppose I already came across as a pig. (Hope thats not because I type in complete sentences) Wasn't my intention though
  12. Hi everyone, you don't know me but I have questions about high profile graffiti vandals. Hook me up with the info, and maybe throw me a couple of those dunking donuts munchkins. I fucking love those things. Yinz heard they're made of donut holes?
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