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  1. MrRage2

    Canvas Thread

    something new
  2. MrRage2

    the NEW sketch thread

    you know whats funny , I was going to leave it black and white and just thickn the outline, but honestly not sure how I feel on this one, i dig the style, but my fill, I always rush, even when I make make note to take time.
  3. MrRage2

    Canvas Thread

    not graff but, a mix of spray, paint pens, primacolor makers,chartpak makers, and pitt pens.
  4. MrRage2

    the NEW sketch thread

    something new
  5. MrRage2

    the NEW sketch thread

    tesk always killing it, page killer!
  6. MrRage2

    Official Battle Thread

    sech to win, like the color combo, and structure is on point
  7. MrRage2

    Draw the username above you

    A quick sketch"Mclovin"
  8. MrRage2


  9. MrRage2

    The Official 12oz. Exchange Thread

    Now thats Clean.
  10. MrRage2


    much appreciated,
  11. MrRage2


    in my immense amount of boredom thought why not.