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  1. Damn... Dick riding MSK must be fun to you guys. WHINEY ASS HOBOS CREW chyeeeaaaah boi!
  2. Dayuuuuum! Bump that Elmer Gasm and Chaos roofie! Bump that Reverend and Nugz billboard shits fiyaaaah!
  3. Your location says crackhouse. When you type like that, I believe you!
  4. Bump the shit out of those fixer's!
  5. SCK puts in a good amount of work considering it's such a small crew. RIP Unkle!
  6. Bump Ayem and Melo in SYW. They make a nice addition. Bump everything from the meeting of styles. You guys killed that shit.
  7. Visit Detroit very often. Bump Elmer Paid Yeah Repht Gasm Dems Loaf. Jasp needs to paint a piece. Seks needs to paint a different one. Jue should just quit. And Ward, should stop trying to attempt a burner cause those letters are horrible and his 3d is boxy when it needs to be curved. Take some notes from all the dope shit in this city.
  8. Most of the people here are either painting trains or paint more outside of this city rather than in it. Like pooplip said, stuff gets buffed here pretty fast now. A few years ago it was a different story. There wasn't as many writers here in 06-07 as there is now and a lot more people are coming from other states to paint here then what there used to be. If your tired of seeing louisville's blank highway walls, keep your ass in indiana. I don't even know why your on here trying to talk shit, nobody in indiana likes you. Nobody in louisville likes you. I'm probably the only person on here who
  9. ^^^ Go kill yourself or something. If you have problems with these people, pm them. We don't care what you have to say. You don't even paint anymore so shut up!
  10. RIP Unkle. The city walls and all of us miss you dawg!
  11. Dark doesn't have many trains rolling out like he used to. And really all you see by him in the streets are tags. So I agree with you!
  12. Damn... You all sure do know how to intimidate the new jacks don't you? Bump Seap Gram Hiena and Wasp. See them all the time. Quit talking shit Sensitive Young Women, I know who the fuck you are.
  13. That Sinus is insane. Bump the FTK homies... My mother fucking dawgs!!!
  14. Those Fisho's and Asher's are the joints!
  15. Bump Misey Moter Esay Hoer and Hedaqe. There's an Esay in louisville and he is hobo doodie compared to the Esay here. Bump this thread. Bump Comeske by the way too
  16. Bump Grifter and bump this whole thread. Got some snazzy work in this bitch!
  17. Bump Reft. I see him on trains like crazy. Bump those LD kiddos
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