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  1. Speaker2

    NC graf.

    Whyd tume go over him
  2. Speaker2

    NC graf.

    I do not lurk this thread to see tots in the free expression tunnel juss sayin
  3. Speaker2

    A Toys' Questions

    You'll look like a dumbass that's for sure. Don't get too public too fast if you wanna bomb, do straight letters in chill spots til you can do them fast and clean. I figure by tag you mean strictly/mostly just handstyles
  4. Speaker2

    Vandal Squads and their lack of

    I saw some officials in an unmarked suv today eyeing a pretty isolated throw of mine and it got me wondering who exactly they were, and what they were doing. I come from a small town, there's a shit ton of undercover police but I know there are no individuals devoted to graffiti. So were they local dudes? Just whatever division of my tiny ass law enforcement community that handle shit like damage to property and petty crimes? I also thought they could be....not some statewide thing, but some type of group that could travel around the state. People travel a lot here, as many do, and just because of the size of our populations in various places it seems like that could make sense. As for what they were doing I figure documentation for compiling charges in case I'm caught, Charges have been caught in other counties, but the homeland didn't prosecute, and that was a year ago, so I figure they can't just spring that on me without being caught in the act. I'd post this in a toy questions thread but this seemed like a pretty distinct question and most heads probably don't give a shit enough to look in there, so I'm looking for people who can relate. thanks mans
  5. Speaker2

    Toys post here...

    That blackbook vid was a fun watch
  6. Speaker2

    NC graf.

    That zone is fucking hot
  7. Speaker2

    What have u lost while bombing.

    keys....shitty day
  8. Speaker2

    NC graf.

    hell yeah that aeyso makes me hard, obsoe kills and talkofthetowns post is crazy
  9. Speaker2

    Toys post here...

    That's just plain discouraging
  10. Speaker2

    NC blackbooks

    Erto how you gonna catch tags a block from the jail and I get nabbed at the tracks 3 blocks away. bastard.
  11. Speaker2

    Toys post here...

    wwohoo humrs on 12 oz
  12. Speaker2

    Toys post here...

    My two cents that no one gives a fuck about: Find something simple, not keyboardy, but easily read with cool flow and unique flare that is nice the way it is but could be molded into something wild. do it over and over again til it doesn't look like shit.
  13. Speaker2


    Where can I read further on this sorry to contriboot to offtopicness
  14. Speaker2

    Handstyle Battle!

    love the flow on niner's first one even though the n's are odd. I'm just gonna lurk lol.
  15. Speaker2

    Toys post here...

    ahh nice then.....so I'm kinda just posting as a why the fuck not, this sketch was the result of unproductivity in calculus. The low down being all the letters suck(well I like the k alright) but the form was more important and I think if I polish it a bit more in a better environment I could start practicing it on walls, I think it would be a decent simple. Plus I really wanna get a simple that I can actually get clean because there's super chill little yard that's solely for one small business in my town with no fences or security as far as I can see from my regular painting spot. and yeah...the 3d is the worst part as usual hahaha http://www.flickr.com/photos/64275929@N05/6258782077/lightbox/