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  1. Does anyone know any books that can improve handstyles? It doesn't have to be purely based on graffiti. It can be like books to help with letter structure or calligraphy books. Anyone got some good titles?
  2. Kiwis with paint is okay? or just kiwi with ink?
  3. Does anyone get the problem of sometimes when you fill mops up with thinned paint and then say you leave it out for a while and then the nib gets hardened up because of the paint. Then the next time you use it, it won't write quite the same way? I just use chalkboard eraser for the nib. There's a cap for it, but it doesnt quite work. Any other suggestions besides getting a better cap for it?
  4. Those shoes don't really seem to fit his style..
  5. spindext

    Stussy Shirts

    Are Stussy shirts good or crap? I see a lot of people wearing them, posing to be writers, skaters, and other stuff..
  6. I know talking about racking is a retarded thing to do on this forum, but my question ain't really about how to rack..My question is do you rack from graffiti stores? Not like home depot, walmart, oshe and other places like those. I mean straight up graffiti dedicated stores. The kind that sell only blackbooks, caps, markers, and paint. Places like the bombshelter. Do writers respect these stores enough to pay 100% for whatever they take out of the store?
  7. spindext

    Spray Paint

    So that difference make it any different when you spray?
  8. whats the diff btwn male and female cap?
  9. But doesn't the glue make it really hard and messy to refill ink later?
  10. spindext


    Haha! Bye queef:lol:
  11. Anyone got the same problem as I do? My mop is just a little squeeze bottle capped with chalkboard eraser felt. Whenever I use it though, the felt always goes inside the bottle. If I squeeze too hard, sometimes the felt just shoots off the bottle and ink just gets everywhere. I think I'm using a reasonable amount of felt. Is there something you guys use to keep it in position or something?
  12. spindext

    Spray Paint

    Whats the difference between a male can and female can? I've heard stuff about it looking like a dick or pussy -__- , but can you be more specific?
  13. Does anyone know what latex paint is for? What can you mix it with?
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