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  1. Another King has passed. Condolences to all his family, friends, and crews. Keep your heads up msk D30 he's somewhere clownin as we read this. You'll be missed by us all Nekst! Rest In Power.
  2. Those hoppers have either been there a while or will be there a while, so putting something on 4 cars in a row is bad enough, but also painting at the spot? c'mon man, besides the quality being terrible, it's toy just by those actions.
  3. Because I wasn't driving. I was lucky enough to get them to go out of the way and slow down! ha I've seen worse photos though so not too horrible.
  4. sorry about the shitty window in the way.
  5. RIP oiler, you are missed! can't believe it's already been two years. To all of his family and crew, keep your heads up EP WGE COD DTT FS still killin shit
  6. so the guy I always bomb with got busted recently. Luckily I was out of town still. I never thought he would snitch on me bc we have been down for a minute but today I got a call from the PD saying I'm wanted for questioning. There is no evidence on me except his word. I plan on using DENY DENY DENY. If I stick to that, you guys think I will be straight?
  7. ^caught these a few days ago, may not belong here, but someone said bump h2o so figured I would post those
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