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  1. Re: COMPLIMENT THE PERSON ABOVE YOU - no homo your status says online. when it should say straigh fuckin G
  2. Re: COMPLIMENT THE PERSON ABOVE YOU - no homo thanks for calling my gf a methead!!!!!:D your a great person.lol(sarcastic sarcasm??)
  3. Re: COMPLIMENT THE PERSON ABOVE YOU - no homo your milk grenades are non lethal. they bring happiness to the land and destroy poverty and sorrow.. shit. i just realized i have tampons again. im sooooo not good at the interwebs.lol
  4. P3ZS

    fuck my life

    yes. i know it may sound retarded as fuck. but your not the ones in the situation. i was asking for advice not to get bitched at. im sorry for even asking. jesus christ
  5. P3ZS

    fuck my life

    she didnt. she was defending herself from the girls there. i was on my own with the guys ready to beat my ass
  6. P3ZS

    fuck my life

    her mom is dead. she does not do meth. her dad is not defending her.
  7. Re: Shit you Hate Appreciation thread.......................... people on the oontz
  8. P3ZS

    fuck my life

    dont have flicks on my pc. shes a smash if your a pedo. yes im 15. excuse me for not having a fucking time machine. she cant get a lawyer. its a long story why
  9. Re: COMPLIMENT THE PERSON ABOVE YOU - no homo you can be my nigga... if you wanna
  10. P3ZS

    fuck my life

    there were more people on the other side than ours and they lied
  11. P3ZS

    fuck my life

    thanks for the fucking help assholes. if youd read the explanation you would know what your talking about. its not her fault. and the cop already said shed be charged with attempted murder
  12. P3ZS

    fuck my life

    she didnt really attempt murder. me and her were about to get get jumped in her front yard. she said leave or ill get a knife. they didnt leave. she got a knife. didnt go at them with it. they got a knife too. cop said shed be charged with attempted murder. shes been on sever probation and for fucking up her sentence will be more extreme. judge before said most likely five years. yes under 18. and in ohio
  13. P3ZS

    fuck my life

    so pretty soon my girl is gettin five years in jail. anyone know a good way to bullshit out of an attempted murder charge for a minor felon? any help would be greatly appreciated:o
  14. Re: COMPLIMENT THE PERSON ABOVE YOU - no homo all of your tic tacs taste especially good.
  15. gorillaz has been one of my favorite bands for years. el manana and dont get lost in heaven are probly two of my fave songs by them
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