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  1. Bought a small Olympus Stylus Epic last week and I'm just starting to take photos. Never done photography before, I just like looking back on photos and will be doing it as a hobby documenting my memories.

  2. Thanks man.


    If these sell I'll make more.

    I set up a Big Cartel Acct. waiting for my Paypal confirmation.


    Which do you guys think is better, Etsy or Big Cartel? ]


    I would say Etsy because it's more of a network of different artists selling their stuff, so you would be able to get your stuff out there more. I feel like you have to provide a direct link to your Big Cartel store most of the time, and it would be more for like if you were trying to build a specific brand independent of other things.

  3. Still lifting, fell off for a while. Whatevaaaaz, It's just fun for me, but it would be nice to get to a 225lb squat sometime.


    I pretty much just take a whey protein supplement and that's it. I've never taken a pre workout or creatine or any other type of supplement in my life. It's difficult for me to consume all of my necessary calories for the day, and protein needs, so that's why I take it. In reality, you don't really need any supplement as long as your diet is in check.


    Consistency is keeeeyyyyyyyyyyy.

  4. At least you are able to explain it, unlike those two.


    I just think pretty much every legal wall video is lame, especially when you have kewl editing and lame music.

    The Mike DFM video would definitely have my vote for "graffiti vid of the year."

  5. I just don't get why people like this video so damn much. Perhaps I'm just a hater. I was mildly a fan of the first one if I remember correctly, but overall it's just one big "eh."

    Also, 3 million views for a graff video? WHAT THE TWIST???

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  6. Woooo it feels gewwwwd to be making progress again after I got sick. Last night's workout:


    Squatz 150lbs 3x5


    Increase to 155, should be back to 160. I'm pretty sure I've said that a million times in this thread, but I SWEAR GUISE, FOR REAL THIS TIME.


    Press 85lbs 3x5


    Increase to 90lbs. Didn't feel too too heavy.


    Deadlift 185lbs 1x5


    Not that heavy at all. Increase to 195lbs next workout, which is my record, and I'm pretty sure I'll break it in about two weeks.


    blah blah blah, still going. I'm happy to be lifting, and it makes me a much better/happier person.

    Awwww, now isn't that nice?

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  7. Do what the book says.

    I believe you are supposed to go until you stall twice then switch to 3x3 and keep going.

    After the same thing happens on that you should probably switch to Madcow or Texas Method.

    531 is slow and more advanced.

    Unless you tweak it to make it for a lower intermediate after you are done beginner strength stuff you will progress slower than necessary.

    I mean, it will work, but it's not optimal at that point.


    Thank you very much! I appreciate you pointing me in the right direction, even if it is on a "FUCKING GRAFFITI FORUM" hahahahahaha


    I got really sick with food poisoning a week ago from idk what. But yeah, back on it. Working out tonight. Eating dem oatz.

  8. I had already been lifting weights for a bit before I started doing Starting Strength a few months ago. I feel like my gainz are slowing down and am considering switching to another routine. Should I just do another routine that is listed in the Starting Strength book, or a whole different routine like 5x5 or 5/3/1?

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