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  1. Any good shops in Chicago worth checking out?


    I got tattooed by Mario Desa two years ago, and my ex gf got tattooed by Nick Colella too. They both apparently work at Great Lakes Tattoo now. Never been, but I like my tattoo and the rest of their work. I posted it soon after I got it, so it's probably lost now.

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  2. Also, he would load up a bunch of plates on bench, sitting overhead press station, and smith machine for squats, and NEVER go full range of motion, ALWAYS almost killed himself, and again, NEVER re racked the plates he would not lift in the first place. His row form was uncanny, arched backs all the way brah. Anyway, done talking shit about a guy I don't know at the gym.

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  3. If he doesn't already have it, do us all a favor and be sure to teach that nig gym etiquette.


    Fucking co-siiiiiign. I used to see this smelly guy around the gym that was about my age (young) and he would load up hella weight on EVERY SINGLE FUCKING LIFT and srsly almost injure himself EVERY SET. I'm not even exaggerating, I've seen him get stuck under the bench press multiple times and it's kind of funny actually because he's a dumb guy. But anyway, I was doing heavy squats in the power rack, and he's on the goddamn smith machine next to me changing weights, and in the middle of my set, he fucking bumps into the barbell as it's on my goddamn back, knocking me off balance with all this weight (well, at least in regards to my strength.) Dumb. Ass. No. Gym. Etiquette. Having. Motherfucker. I hated that guy. First time I've thought about him in a while!

  4. Also, one time, got drunk at friend's house, too drunk to drive home, slept in his livingroom. My friend also sleeping in said livingroom full of dudes wakes up to find a guy that was also planning on sleeping there standing up, full on pissing on the coffee table. Commotion arises, and friend's wife comes out screaming at the guy, telling him to get the fuck out of her house. Dude is now banned from said house 4ever.

  5. Finally! Something I can relate to! :P

    Not that interesting buuuuuut

    One time I got really really drunk. I was asleep and dreaming about something, felt really warm in my weiner area. Woke up, didn't know why I felt that way, felt around, found out I was in the midst of pissing in my friend's roommate's bed. Wooooo.

  6. For this, my 666th post, I give you the S on a freight. Who can spot it?




    lolz Sopro was cool. Still has a few tags and scribes running in the area.

  7. Also, do you think doing basic calisthenics will help in weighted compound movements? Pretty much just squat, bench, deadlift. I've been thinking about incorporating them as an everyday supplementary fitness type routine along with my strength program, kind of like stretching or mobility work. I was wondering if over time it would have a cumulative effect on my numbers in those exercises.

  8. 3862496.jpg

    Bruh, this show is off da hook. Srsly though I like it a lot. I always saw those "I Love the 90's" shows and such on VH1, and one of the commentators on that is a main character on this show. I always wondered what it was when I saw what corner of entertainment he was in when they presented his name. ANYWAY, jokes are hilarious, just a bunch of gay dudes living in Pittsburgh. A lot of gay sex doe, so skip that if ya want :P I've been pretty into it. It's been my new show as of late and I'm already on the last season. /NH


  9. i have good muscle memory but as of now im a stick figure (arm wise). my chest is alright i guess i would like more bulk there if possible. legs is good i walk everywhere. and i need to get me mid better too. diet needs structure. i wanna get fit and healthy again. what yall think? any advice?


    Buy this or get it some how.



    Perfect for beginners in weight lifting. Teaches you basic exercises at a high intensity, low volume, with lots of rest, as well as proper form and some dieting information. You don't have to get super bulky to get strong, just don't be afraid to gain a little fat. Read it! I got it on Amazon :P

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