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  1. is that guy taking your picture?
  2. they are powered by marijuana smoke and carry medical marijuana across the country. there really trippy man. ESPECIALLY ON WEED.
  3. i wouldnt call sabot thread worthy. a lot of this guys freight are way to over techy with a bad flow. a lot of bad color combos also. dudes got some skills,a few of them pieces are pretty nice.
  4. "frank pretty women" was the only one worth sitting through this season. the rest has been pure shit
  5. pa and ba crew always burning insane's tags and straight letters been looking a lot better
  6. hand in pocket pointing at an ich piece guy burned this whole thread.
  7. sions not ksw. all the toys that got put down because the smoked a blunt with shaken or mear or gave them a ride somewhere should consider themselves booted from the crew.
  8. anyone got flicks of that building that got torn down a few years back off the light rail right before the west port stop? had a shaken and arek and some bonk shit on it?
  9. that spots the jammy jam^
  10. whats up with the rest of the later wall?
  11. stole from metal heads upstate ny thread
  12. not tryin to be an asshole but bam you should take it easy on the self promo.your getting some pretty nice spots. but your not that good yet. no one wants to see every spot youve done on here... keep painting and dont flood the page with your shit and youll get some respect
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