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  1. heres a full mint green off brand i just got. made by standard brands
  2. thanks. All of these are almost full. I fucked up though... I wanted to wash the baby blue off for the picture because it was dirty as hell. when i was wiping it my fatass thumb broke a huge hole in the lid. So now i have to use it for canvasses. Sucks balls.
  3. peep the baby blue, bright yellow and miniature auto primer....
  4. not sure these days, we used to call them phantom caps back then becaue you could flare pretty nicely with them. Let me ask you a question, are you bored this morning? I just got this mornings finds.
  5. x2 i used to rack those all the time. The best fatcap ever made came from can control magazine in the 90s. Bad ass 4 finger fatcap that had a dope circle when you were flaring out your tags.
  6. Colorworks sucks ass. I used rose and pink on a freight. They both looked like antique white with a dab of red. The colors arent that bold. I put it at the bottom of the scale with NOW spray paint
  7. Nothin major, just an old pep boys can i thought was cool. Showed the three dorks on it.
  8. no way in hell you can bring a can on board.
  9. no doubt will do man. sometimes we need to share the wealth.
  10. Juca your package is on its way to Croatia. Hope that shit gets there. Im nervous it wont go through customs. But everythings drained, and theres 2 holes in the bottom of each can. The guy looked at me funny because the fuckin balls were rolling around in the box, but i just said they were toys. Hopefully these will look better for that display you posted a few pages back. Cant be having primer in there..
  11. Heres something different i found today...
  12. Heres an Avacado i found with the bike symbol. Pretty rare.
  13. we should do can pics with the rides when were done building em. lol
  14. That can up top is Topaz. Top gun i understand where your coming from on the cans appreciation comment. I guess ive always liked the colors because when i used to write, the very first thing id look at was the lid to see the color. Then id look at what kind of can it was. Now that all these cans are ancient, they are starting to be more appreciated because they bring back alot of memories for everybody. I honestly think that while everybodys out painting and keeping graffiti alive, the collectors are the ones preserving the history. And we need both of everybody. So its cool to see you and other people hyped up about the oddball cans that look cool. That's what makes me want to go out every morning and get new paint. Ive always been a fan of pastels and bright colors. In the late 80s early 90s alot of pastels, baby blues hot pinks, and reds were used in alot of dope burners. But they faded all the colors together and blended everything. Not like now where you see a 3 color fill in, and outline it with 2 or 3 colors. So ive always been a lid looker.
  15. its a cool can, but honestly i like the jade can better for my collection. I already have this color, but not this clean
  16. its not that good. its good for gas money, or if you want to put some extra cash in your paypal account to buy other cans you dont have. Thats kind of what makes this whole thing fun though. Finding a can someone doesnt want, and selling it for 20-30 bucks or more. Its no different than digging for gold. Some people actually live off ebay, but i couldnt live like that. Always on my toes hoping for a sale. Thats why id rather trade.
  17. Those cans were for trading. Im trying to keep my garage tidy. The stuff on ebay is for cash. Id rather send my stuff across the country for something i really need, compared to waiting 5 days to make 10 or 20 bucks, then buying a can.
  18. Thats about 60 right there broken down. I sent another 50+ in a box also this morning. Just a note to everybody, if you go on paypal and print out a shipping label for a box, its actually cheaper because you can tweak the weight a bit, and size, and it lowers the price. I also build cars on the side, ive sent a whole "rear end" to los angeles and its only costed me 90 bucks this way. Dont be fooled into what the ups store charges you. Youll save more money doing it yourself.
  19. No kidding. Its been crackin lately. Just sent these out today...
  20. yea its coming along. i dont hold on to paint for too long. i spent about 200 bucks in shipping the last 2 months. and i collect differently. most people collect by years, i just collect a little bit of everything 91 down.
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