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  1. lakers should just trade for jennings or a young pg not feelinn that gsw trade tho shoula kept ellis
  2. fuck peyton hillis. 9ers gonna do werk against tyhe steelers tonight watch
  3. fuck the phillies:} aha tigers brewers ws tho
  4. st louis taking it yanks taking it tooo yanks brewers ws tho
  5. im just doin cardio an some arm an shoulder werk just tryin to get in shape again what should i avoid? cals? sodium intake? carbs?
  6. iknow we aiint thas y jim harbaugh gonna busta ditka an give up all our piks in da draft to pick andrew luck:D wanna see vick jus romp on da falcons d tho cam newton will be fckn up like crazy against dda pack tho
  7. harrrison was right dissin mendehal like dat dude fumbles a lot jets=OVER RATED we takin out da cowboys this week
  8. givin tony kukoc a shout this slumpz
  9. michigan nd reminded me of the usc nd game a couple years ago fuck nd an b kelly
  10. fuck aj burrenwtt that dude sucjs ass da yanks should just release him idont even want him in da bullpen option his ass to 3triplle aaa fuck dat release his ass with his faggettty hair kkutt
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