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  1. oh it was the iron, well how about that:)
  2. didnt read back dont know what other bike you tried but i assume ur talking about the HD 48 ive been lookin at sportsters myself was gonna go with a 48 or nightster but i think im gonna nget the iron and do the 1200 conversion looks to be cheaper and if done right faster than a stock 1200 but n e way anyones 2 cents are welcome
  3. got three new ones in one sit ill post when i get time SOOO EVERYONE GET SUPER EXITED........YEAH
  4. will my girlfriends vagina make that shape on the wall? .............. edit: would make sense
  5. that tattoo is fuckin rad^^^^^^^
  6. thats the thing i i know how they would each do it but i kinda want something right in between....does that make sense?
  7. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ two people im planing on making appointments with in the near future i want to get a big wolf head on my stomach and its come down to stefan johnson lehi or henry lewis idk:(
  8. You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to SystemFailure again.
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