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  1. okay, the first time on this site im going to give a real answer: You live in an area where no one is really good so the graff is on a low level, people there try to bomb but dont have the skills yet the bomb in a good way. If they take the time more to work on their sketches and their can control everything wil be fine in a couple of months/years. christ has spoken
  2. Birds of a feather flock together, eh?
  3. to people like you, yes
  4. im on that age that YOU should call ME Sir. moordenaar. Pm me if you want the link for a womenfriendly forum.
  5. too bad most of your other american writers dont.
  6. believe me anyone here on this forum with some experience cn tell just by looking at your comments that you suck balls when it comes to graff. things like: "Yeah I am got a problem with that fucker? At least I'm stating the god-damn facts!" dont make me think of you as someone with some experience... so just stop complaining about your scene and try to be the best,insted of posting how your city sucks. my girlfriend is also good at complaining maybe you should join her forum?
  7. i see an london tube, a belgian tube? im talkin about americans cant do it, ive visited the us once and no train writers at all. yea freigth trains but thats nothing.
  8. i didnt know because i dont live in that rathole of yours, kankersukkel
  9. 1. you live in a gay town 2. you are a toy in everyway of the word i can even see that in how you react 3.quit your bitchin and practise aslong as you are the best in your town thats what matters,why would you go to a forum and complain like a woman about how your town sucks? dont act like a bitch
  10. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, no your just talking shit, plain shit, this is possibly the dumbest topic on this whole forum and believe me ive seen some stupid shite here....
  11. how the fuck was i supposed to know, toy
  12. wow he has a show? you mean in gallery canvas graff related things?? damn...
  13. Pfffff hahahahahahhahahahahhaha:lol:
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