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  1. when in doubt learn boxing with cans, ive found tht regularly punching ppl with my cans is more easy then bare fists :p
  2. we all got morals man, not that anyone should care about eachothers morals...
  3. Eell after many weeks of testing, practicing, reviewing, and such I have figured that most of what I knew was wrong! Therefore I am here and I guess I'm "somewhat" better? And yeah rusto is better, or at least now it is, it's just that it kinda pained me to throw away what i began with and all...but in the end you gotta do what u gotta do.
  4. ^^^hmmm i like that one
  5. usually threads like this are for those who want people to pity them and to give them the satisfaction that their lives have more meaning than others
  6. I like graff because I can, and the fact that you can roll down the streets and here people say "looks like _____ has hit up another spot!", but mainly just cause I can :P
  7. Cult 50

    Just Wow...

    Normally I like above but this is just bullshit...
  8. noooo i dont like youtube links anymore Xd
  9. but ive never heard of a parent/guardian sending a kid to there room while not checking up on them, unless the kid went right in there and did the deed then i can see why its sad
  10. I almost don't feel bad for that family for the reason of not paying attention to their kid...buuutt then again the lil' tyke had no grasp on the value of a human life..
  11. now that was quite uncalled for wasnt it?
  12. step 1:take acid step 2:turn on pink floyd step 3:feel the sounds and hear the colors
  13. i love pink floyd, listenin' to it right now...hmmm its better when ur trippin off acid tho..like yeah man i can feel the sound and hear colors maaannn!!! XD
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