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  1. MOTORHEAD FUCKIN RULES. the internet killed graffiti, not metal or punk
  2. ^JUST TO CLEAR THINGS UP, I AM one person. I DO NOT have multiple 12 oz accounts... and I DO NOT exist outside of the internet.>> so thats why we will never meet other than here. DSD do your thing- {peoples gonna hate}, . and that WARD shit was cracking me up how gay he makes himself sound :o ..."yo i got internet props yo, big timing over here" ^^^^ Alot more freights? hahahaha!!! respect to those who actually do. internet fist pounds to STORI, TEAD, IGES, ANSIQ, FAR, PAID, KOSHER, VOMIT ;;and on a side notE, TRDL!!! big ups to OG SEKT and props to LDS REFT & DEMS for bringing big timer FROST in town. playa is mad dope+++ and has lots a freights internet props hahha^^^
  3. feis pushin puny moves. half steppin, flexin a nickle shoe shine. edit* become wise, so you can make Power-moves
  4. >Honestly, I know deco23. > He is 100% a thirteen year old flabby armed braces wearing, cheese stash boy who, sadly was molested by his father. .. (who of coarse was molested by his father, and so on all the way up the family tree) _He doesnt know where to express the balled up anger, and is too pussy to go outside and do something, like even breath fresh air.., so instead he stays inside his urine soaked room and fucks up some shit on the net while hiding from reality in his parents house. this kid gets so excited from the internet attention, that he pisses himself, cuz no one will get close enough to his rotten stench let alone, even look at his ugly ass in real life. _He >>thinkin he has ups cause he is on the net, and other people see his product by default. . well quit fuckin around. its just the internet. no one gives a fuck if you waste pages, its not even real space. go break a window or smash some pop cans or some shit...get that energy out some other way pussy....jerk off to some porn once your body is old enough to produce semen. this dork is a square fuckin herb who is just trying to boost his internet ups by getting his "posting number" up. somewhere he was confused what the point of this thread is...(as have many others from following bad examples),...but nothing like this..>dude does not do graffiti AT ALL. MAD CORNY. he has a fetish with cats poo cause he humped his cat one time to see what "humpin felt like... *little (like his pecker) did he know his cat was male and he was humping a butthole...so he got cat shit all over his D, ..now he cant stop thinkin about it cause it reminds him of the only pussy he will ever get in his life. . his cat even clawed at him and pissed on his chest.. * dude does not go to ccs., he isnt even old enough for highschool...the balls aint drop yet. dude does not do anything worth while whatsoever. ...he actually is overlooked by everyone in real space, thats why he goes on to the net -> to get some sort of reaction., so he doesnt forget that he exists, ... cause everyone could give a fuck less about him in reality.... Honestly. ...deco, see you tomorrow night at cub scouts ;) ***_HONESTLY_***
  5. honestly_ dont front zebo and nark's "style" is mad hurt. straight booty. they can be your boys. whatever. but there is no style in the makng. > > oh and dsd...dont lie you never pm'd me.
  6. EMO quote of the year so far... honestly_ Who would care about pics in a forum like this?
  7. . i would not say "talks a lot of shit," but I would say you do a whole lotta of self promo on the net, with very little ups in reality. like some kind of internet networking self proclaimed head....jumpin on dudes jocks to hit a day spot with em. :confused: hmmm. just corny. and lots and lots of internet lingo. though by all means, paint the whole state with galactic rocks as fuel;)
  8. that WARDER is propper. minus the self propmo :( regardless it smashes that eufo-ish is too trendy
  9. Honestly.grow a pair of balls. be honest yo, you dont burn shit. look in the mirror and talk to yourself there instead. you're like a thirteen year old girl bitching about your X to the internet. you have way too many posts for being a member for a year. most of your pics are constant reposts...you mix in a few new ones...then let your oppinions fly like you are something having to do with The scene, or a cause.... .then you bitch about other people not posting anything on this forum for a few hours... well prob because some people have REAL life to keep them entertained. not everyone is as satisfied as you when they see their screen name pop up over and over. high five-n themself- "yeah I got 10000 posts" im the shit. i got mad internet ups. . then some random bullshit about " yo get at me on my facebook. check out my myspace...I hang out with ___________ (<--insert whoever has painted something you flicked) you are a snitch. you are an ignorant kid who has been misinformed. straight clownin. your soft and aint got nothin to do with detroit graffiti....you just drive around and take pictures and run your mouth on the internet about your personal life....be honest, thats cool if thats your hobby. anyone else who checks this thread could figure it out... -I wasn't gonna say shit but, I know how you like the attention, figured I'd show you some love... . with that said. PAID, ELMER, KOSH, PORAB, GASM, TEAD, STORI, FAR, LOAF, DONT... are actually doin shit. word.
  10. this thread is fire! thank you for posting pure quality_
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