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  1. binge&purge


    El UNO how is the withdrawal from subs after using them that long. this is probably my 4th or 5th time trying to get sober from dope and ive been on subs before but i always fucked around on em and went back to dope or roxies. but now i been clean from dope for a couple of months and wondering how long i should stay on suboxone for. i was planning for at least a full year or until i feel strong enough. any advice?
  2. binge&purge


    i think i need to go to more NA meetings but the ones ive been to i thought were terrible. middle aged women ranting on and on about nothing, just theyre home problems but nothing that had anything to do with their drug addiction. and the first meeting i went to there was a girl there that was talking about how she was going to go home and probably kill herself. and she wasnt fucking around. maybe i need to try a different group.
  3. binge&purge


    slipped up yesterday... and i felt like such a p.o.s. affterwards. i had been feeling really stressed out the past couple of days and i fell back on my old habits of dealing with stress with drugs. i feel so guilty about it. now i remember why i stopped. it was the constant lying and guilt.
  4. damn R.I.P.... i just watched the thrilla in manilla documentary yesterday.
  5. glad they took that C off christensen's jersey. every time avery is on the ice he's a distraction to the other team. if nothing else he's at least pissing off players or goalies on the other team and drawing penalties. he's gotten better with his mouth too. i think tortorella just has a hard-on for him
  6. binge&purge


    swordfish... once u start to feel somewhat better you should really try to exercise. opiates tell your body to stop creating enorphins and exercise or sex can start to bring your endophins back and make u feel happier. also there's a number of ammino acids that can help. try l-tyrosine and l-lysine.
  7. avery's back on the rangers and that douche tortorella still wont play him. the team was doing good last year even with all the injuries. i dont understand why he dropped zuccarello and avery.
  8. binge&purge


    good luck bro... i just got sober 3 weeks ago. tried getting sober about 5 times already from opiates and other drugs and always went back. started speedballing hard and blowing out veins and decided i have had enough. at first it sucked. my girl keeps my bank account under close watch and i dont really talk to anyone anymore. but i feel fucking good. im almost postitive i passed my crane practical test yesterday, the first thing ive accomplished being sober and now i realize i dont need drugs or alcohol to get through a stressful day of work. kinda corny but someone once told me sober stands for Son Of a Bitch Everythings Real. as far as alcoholism goes ive always said its probably ne of the hardest things to quit. its a soially acceptable substance and its in your face everywhere you go. i couldnt imagine walking into 7-11 and seeing bags of dope on the counter. so good luck to everyone out there battling with whatever demon it is.
  9. Re: ************where is the tattoo thread? i get hyped up every time i seen some 80 yr old grandpa with a a forearm tattoo. even if its a big blob of black it makes me even more curious as to what the story behind it is. as far as some of the topics about the longevity and how a tattoo is going to hold up in 20 years or how the artists technique will hold up; all i can think is that only time will tell. im sure most of the guys like gogue take extreme pride in their work and hope to hell that it will hold up. personally i think we all have the option to research and go to whomever we want to get work done on us. especially with the internet these days. aslo u cant take seeing one tattoo from an artist that might have turned out like shit and blame soley the artist. im a welder by trade and i have knuckle tatttoo and i weld bare handed most days. how do u think those fuckers are gonna look in a couple of years. it was probably the dumbest shit i couldve done. my cousin did my sleeve on my right arm which gets hit with the welding light more that the left and i dont know how cause i rarely wear sunblock but the colors in it have stood the test of time, i think 6 years now. but he also takes his time to make sure that color digs the fuck in there and will stay. would i send someone to him to get a portrait done? hell fucking no. but if you want a traditional/modern tatto i'll send a friend to him... i dont know where this rant is going or the point im trying to make, but i guess all we can do is not be so judgemental. there's too many factors that go into having a tattoo hold up. but if every work by some artist looked like shit after a year or two then i say bash away.
  10. Re: ************where is the tattoo thread? maybe, but i dont know anyone who has been tattooed by him personally so all i can do is appreciate the pictures i see. i know people with work from artists whose pictures u see in magazines and they look incredible but in real life all the color has fallen out or the shits all scarred up, (and not from lack of care but bad technique)...stories of people who waited a year for an app. only to be treated like a piece of shit when they walk in the shop.
  11. we used to do that all the time at this federal park i worked at... motherfuckers would leave there dog in the car and go to the beach so we get the jake to break their windows and hold onto the dog till the people returned
  12. Re: ************where is the tattoo thread? jeff gogue
  13. Re: ************where is the tattoo thread? tommy helm
  14. my reason for waking up everyday... i saved him and he saved me....
  15. Re: ************where is the tattoo thread? tommy helm @ empirestatestudios.com .... if someone could post a couple of pics id appreciate it. my computer knowledge extends from 12oz to efukt and thats about it
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